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May 20, 2007

Samsung intros 8GB SDHC, high-speed microSD card

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world leader in advanced semiconductor technology solutions, today announced that it has developed an 8Gigabyte (GB) microSD (Secure Digital) memory card, a size optimal for today's multimedia mobile phones. Featuring the highest capacity today for a microSD card, the new fingernail-sized card is capable of storing 2,000 MP3 music files, 4,000 digital photos, or approximately five DVD-quality movies.

SD cards, to date, have been largely used for data storage in digital still cameras and increasingly in televisions. MicroSD cards, which are a quarter the size of an SD card, are backward compatible with SD cards using an extender, to allow multimedia files downloaded by mobile phones to be easily displayed on other media.

With a read speed of 16 Megabytes (MBs) per second and a write speed of 6MB/s, Samsung's 8GB microSD card well exceeds the Speed Class 4 SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) standard which requires a data write speed of 4MB/s. This is also much faster than the SD Speed Class 2 designation carried by most competing microSD cards currently on the market.

This achievement is the latest in a string of record-breaking improvements in flash memory cards for Samsung as it continues to aggressively pursue its goal of being the development leader for the SD card market, as well as the competing MMC (multimedia card) market.

The market research firm Dataquest predicts that the memory card market as a whole will average 10 percent annual growth between 2006 and 2010, while demand for high density 8GB cards will grow an average of 2.6 times per year over the same period. By 2010, the 8GB memory card will be the market mainstream in terms of units sold.

Turn your camera phone into a scanner, copier or fax

scanR enables your camera phones to scan, copy and fax. ScanR is offering a service that uses proprietary image processing and data refinement technology to improve the readability of document images taken using mobile-phone cameras. ScanR uses advanced imaging processing and data extraction technologies to convert photos into legible, searchable PDF files.

scanR allows you to get an exact digital copy of your information, quickly and easily, using the device you already carry. The service uses advanced image processing technology to overcome common digital imaging challenges such as low lighting, shadows, blurring, and skewed orientation in order to provide consistently high-quality results from images taken in a wide range of conditions.

By automatically tagging each scan with the keywords extracted from the text on the paper, scanR also lets users save information digitally and allows them to easily find it on scanR.com or by using desktop search tools. In addition, the service lets you e-mail digital copies or send faxes nearly anywhere in the world while travelling or at home, without seeking and paying for a copy centre.

scanR is also an accurate business card scanner. According to market research firm Frost & Sullivan, the scanR proprietary technology is more accurate than existing desktop card scanners. The current version of scanR is optimized for North American business cards but soon will support additional languages and countries.

All you have to do is to mail ScanR images you’ve taken, and the service returns the enhanced images as PDF files. Alternatively, ScanR will fax the resulting documents to a number you provide. Using scanR, you can turn paper into useful digital information in a few simple steps. scanR cleans photos of whiteboards, documents and business cards, extracts the printed information, and delivers a digital file to your email, contact manager, or fax.

Each document sent to scanR is tagged with the keywords extracted from the text on the page. This enables easy organization of documents scanned with scanR and quick searches using Google™ Desktop or other desktop search tools.

All S60 3rd edition phones with at least 2 megapixel resolution will work with scanR.
Download link here

Amazing Deals for 2GB MicroSD memorycards

Looking to add more memory to your phone? Look no further, eCost is offering a great deal on microSD memory cards.

For $22.95, after $11.00 rebate, you get the 2GB microSD memory card manufactured by Patriot Memory.

Yeah I know, Patriot is not the most famous memory brand on the world but price of 23$ for 2 GB is the pretty good deal.

As you can see at above photo the package also includes SD and miniSD adapters so this right offer for you even if you are looking for miniSD or SD cards.

For those who prefer well-known brands, I've found that buy.com offers the SanDisk 2GB microSD Card, model no. SDSDQ-2048-A10M, for just $28.41, with free shipping and that's the definitely the lowest total price I've seen for this particular card.

Adapter to regular SD size is inclouded in the package.

Both cards comes with 5 years warranty ..

Wants Cellphone, iPod and Game Console for FREE??

Baru-baru ini muncul sebuah website dari inggris yang berani memberikan hadiah yang menarik sekali seperti mp3 player, handphone dan game console gratis dengan persyaratan yang sangat mudah untuk dilakukan. Sudah banyak member yang sudah berhasil mendapatkan hadiah sesuai yang mereka inginkan. Dan situs ini juga menerima member dari seluruh dunia.

Untuk mendapatkan hadiah yang mereka tawarkan anda hanya perlu melakukan 3 langkah mudah yaitu mendaftar, kemudian mencari poin sesuai jumlah yang ditetapkan dan anda akan segera menerima hadiah sesuai pilihan anda tanpa harus membayar biaya pengiriman internasional dari Inggris. Dan untuk mendapatkan poin ada beberapa cara mudah yang bisa anda lakukan yaitu :

- Mencari member baru untuk bergabung,
- Mendaftar gratis di program offer mereka,
- Belanja barang di situs mereka,
- Mengklik iklan yang ditampilkan oleh sponsor.

Poin yang dibutuhkan untuk mendapatkan hadiah juga sangat kecil, berikut diantaranya :

- I-pod 4 Giga : 13 Poin
- I-pod 4 Giga Red : 13 Poin
- I-pod 8 Giga : 17 Poin
- I-pod 30 Giga : 19 Poin
- I-pod 80 Giga : 26 Poin
- Sony MP3 Player 20 G : 18 Poin
- Creative Vision W : 23 Poin
- Creative Vision M 606 : 21 Poin
- Samsung YP 25 : 13 Poin


- Motorola KRZR K1 : 18 Poin
- Motorola V3X : 24 Poin
- Motorola SLVR L7 : 13 Poin
- Motorola RAZR : 18 Poin
- Motorola PEBL U6 : 16 Poin
- Nokia N 95 : 48 Poin
- Nokia N 92 : 45 Poin
- Nokia N 91 : 29 Poin
- Nokia 8800 Sirocco : 55 Poin
- Nokia N 73 : 28 Poin
- Nokia N 93i : 48 Poin
- Nokia N 80 : 28 Poin
- Nokia N 70 : 24 Poin
- Nokia N 90 : 33 Poin
- Nokia E 61 : 25 Poin
- LG Prada : 37 Poin
- LG KG 800 : 22 Poin
- Samsung D 900 : 22 Poin
- Samsung E 900 : 16 Poin
- Samsung D 600 : 17 Poin
- Sony Ericsson W 880i : 30 Poin
- Sony Ericsson K 800i Royal Silver : 23 Poin
- Sony Ericsson W 850i : 23 Poin
- Sony Ericsson W 950i : 34 Poin
- Sony Ericsson W 810i : 18 Poin
- Sony Ericsson P 990i : 45 Poin


- Xbox 360 Core : 21 Poin
- Xbox 360 Premium Edition : 28 Poin
- Sony PS 3 : 42 Poin
- Sony PSP : 15 Poin
- Nintendo DS Lite Pink : 14 Poin

Selain hadiah-hadiah diatas juga masih banyak hadiah lain yang sudah disediakan. Anda juga bisa request hadiah sesuai pilihan anda sendiri.

Dari daftar diatas dapat kita lihat, untuk mendapatkan hadiah I-Pod 4 Giga kita cuma butuh poin sebanyak 13 yang berarti apabila kita mencari poinnya dengan cara merekrut member baru berarti kita hanya butuh 13 Orang untuk mendaftar di program ini. Tentunya jumlah 13 orang sangat mudah didapat karena untuk mendaftar di program ini tidak diperlukan biaya sedikitpun atau gratis. Dan untuk menambah perolehan poin anda juga bisa mendaftar di program offer mereka, mengklik iklan sponsor atau belanja disitus mereka. Mudah sekali bukan??

Bagaimana, tentunya anda pasti tertarik kan???

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