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May 26, 2013

Galaxy S4 Zoom Spotted in UAProf

One of the smartphones that South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung has been long rumored to plan on bringing to the market before the end of this year is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, which appears to have been confirmed in a User Agent Profile.

The Android device emerged on Samsung’s website with model number SM-C101 attached to it, and with an ARM11-based processor inside. Furthermore, as Techtastic notes, the aforementioned UAProf confirms that the smartphone would pack a screen capable of delivering a 960 x 540 pixel resolution.

According to previous rumors on the matter, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is set to hit shelves with a 16-megapixel photo snapper on the back, capable of 10x optical zoom. Unfortunately, no official info on the new mobile phone has emerged until now, but it might not be too long before Samsung decides to unveil it, so stay tuned for more on the matter.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom UAProf
Image credits to Samsung

Android 4.3 Spotted on Nexus 4[Photos and Video]

Google did not make the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system official at the Google I/O conference earlier this month, but that doesn’t mean that the company isn’t working on this platform release.

In fact, proof of that has already emerged online in the form of leaked photos with a Nexus 4 running under this OS version, complemented by a video posted online to show some of the changes that Google is expected to pack it with. Nexus 4 was spotted at the Thailand Mobile Expo with OS build JWR45B loaded on top, a post on XDA-Developers explains. Furthermore, as Droid-life notes, Android 4.3 might spot two other build numbers when released, namely JWR46 and JWR39D. Apparently, the build also included a new kernel, one that came out in May, suggesting that Android 4.3 is indeed nearing its official release. The aforementioned leaked photos with the smartphone, users can have a look at the settings menu in this platform release, and will also catch a glimpse at an updated camera interface that Android 4.3 is expected to arrive on devices with.

A video sneak peek with the new camera UI inside the upcoming platform release also emerged alongside said photos, showing more of what users will receive in the software update. It seems that the new camera app will provide users with fast access to settings through gestures on the screen, making it all more intuitive than before. Furthermore, it is expected to arrive with a new timer option, new icons and information for HDR, along with some other enhancements, as Android Community notes.

Unfortunately, no official details on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and the enhancements that it would pack inside have been provided as of now, and it remains to be seen when exactly Google will take the wraps off it. Rumor has it that June 10 might be the lucky day for enthusiasts.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean emerges on Nexus 4
Images credits to XDA-Developers

New version of Android on Thailand Mobile Expo.
Video credits to Ivan Brcic

Nokia Lumia 925 Antenna System Explained

Nokia Lumia 925, the latest Windows Phone 8 smartphone from the Finnish mobile phone maker, is the first of them to arrive on shelves with metal as part of its outer design, and Nokia has decided to provide some details on the matter.

According to the company, the aluminum frame that Lumia 925 sports was meant not only to add robustness to the device, but also as part of its antenna system.  “This looks gorgeous, and adds robustness to the phone. But what’s worth noting is that it does not impact on the strength of the signal you’ll be able to receive on the phone,” a post on Nokia Conversations reads. “On the Lumia 925, the aluminum ring around the phone actually acts as parts of the phone’s radio antenna system.” The aforementioned post also explains that the main antenna is placed in the bottom area of the phone, and that there are two other antennas placed at the top of the device, and that stripes separate them from the other parts of the metal ring.

Additionally, the blog post explains that Nokia has included specific technology inside the antenna so as to maximize its use of radio bands, regardless of whether on GSM, WCDMA or LTE networks. “It will also adjust the ‘balance of power’ between the antennas according to how you’re holding your phone,” the blog post continues. “The end result is that you’ll get equally good radio performance out of the Lumia 925 as you would from a wholly polycarbonate phone, plus the most important benefit in the form of a stunning design.”

However, the company also notes that users will be able to reduce the signal strength when deliberately using both hands to cover every edge of the phone. This will also make it harder to operate the buttons of the device.

Nokia Lumia 925
Image credits to Nokia Conversations

Samsung GT-i8800 Emerges in Leaked Photos, Runs Tizen 2.1

Although Samsung hasn’t provided specific info on its upcoming smartphones that will run under the Tizen OS, more and more details on them are pouring in, the latest of which include photos with one of these smartphones, supposedly featuring model number GT-i8800.

The handset, said to sport the codename of Redwood, can be seen in the aforementioned photos (available courtesy of Tizen Greek Community) below, with Tizen 2.1 loaded on top. The phone has already made headlines a few times before, and has even been confirmed by a User Agent Profile spotted on Samsung’s website (as GT-i8805), and is said to sport the codename of Redwood.

As Engadget notes, the leaked photos with the device unveil that it will arrive on shelves with S-Voice capabilities inside. No further details on the smartphone are available as of now.

Samsung GT-i8800
Images credits to tizen.gr

Huawei Ascend P6 Press Photo, Launch on June 18

Chinese mobile phone maker Huawei is said to be working on the launch of a smartphone that will be very slim, and a press photo with the device appears to have emerged online, courtesy of @evleaks.

The smartphone, supposedly called Huawei Ascend P6, is said to be only 6.2mm thick, which should make it the thinnest Android phone in the world. Huawei has yet to deliver specific details on the new mobile phone, and it seems that June 18 might be the lucky day for enthusiasts, according to Engadget.

Rumor has it that this device will arrive on the market with a 1.5GHz quad-core processor packed inside, 2GB of RAM, 8GB of internal memory, and a 4.7-inch 720p HD display. Running under Android Jelly Bean, the smartphone will also pack Huawei’s Emotion UI on top, it seems.

Huawei Ascend P6
Image credits to @evleaks - weibo

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