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Jul 15, 2012

POV Single Slot Nvidia GeForce GT 640 Ultra Charged Video Card

Point of View video card manufacturer has decided to make sure its new Nvidia GeForce GT 640 video card is clearly faster than AMD’s upcoming desktop Trinity APUs and is now presenting a pre-overclocked model.

Many were wondering why would Nvidia make GPUs that are less potent than AMD’s Trinity iGPU. The thing is that not all applications give AMD’s APU as the winner when pitting it against the GT 620, GT 630 or GT 640. More importantly, about 80% of the desktop computer systems in the world today are using Intel CPUs and we all know how badly Intel’s iGPUs and IGPs perform. So the new single slot Nvidia GeForce GT 640 Ultra Charged video card by Point of View has a huge potential market to address and to make sure it will distinguish its product from anything similar, POV had a new PCB and higher frequencies.

As reported by Fudzilla, The PCB is only 15 centimeters long and the default 901MHz / 1782MHz GPU/memory frequencies have been increased to an impressive 1006MHz / 2020MHz. Despite this considerable frequency increase, the single slot Nvidia GeForce GT 640 Ultra Charged video card by Point of View comes with a simple 60 millimeters cooing fan.

POV Nvidia GeForce GT 640 Ultra Charged Video Card
Image credits to Fudzilla

Enermax Shows Four New Twister Fans

Well-known power supply unit (PSU) and computer case manufacturer Enermax has just shown four new case cooling fans using its patented Twister bearing technology. This new technology claims lower operating noise and longer mean time between failure (MTBF).

We don’t really see what would prolong the life of these fans in real life, but until real benchmarks become available, we’ll take Enermax’s word for it. Probably the most important aspect about these four fans is the fact that they use the new Batwing blades and the manufacturer claims these bring a 30 percent increase in air flow. We would certainly like to test this in our labs before purchasing the new cooling fans.

The model names for today’s subjects are UCEV14, UCCL14, UCTB14P and UCTB14B, reported by Overclockers.uaThey all sport a 139 millimeters diameter and are 25 millimeters tall while coming with 3-pin or 4-pin PWM power cables.

Enermax Case Coolers (140 mm)
Images credits to Overclockers.ua

Intel Distant Dream, Intel Valleyview and BayTrail CPUs

The next-generation Intel Atom CPUs and corresponding chipsets look nice on paper, but that is where they will stay for a while yet.

We're certain Intel will soon have some samples to play with, if it doesn't already, but the Valleyview chips and BayTrail platform won't be out until late 2013, according to “recent roadmaps” seen by VR-ZoneThat is actually rather strange, given the tune Intel has been trying to play over the past year. It used to be that the mobile attack would come in 2012, meaning that new Atoms would have appeared by now. Then, after MWC, it was said that IFA 2013 (February 25-28) would be the launch ground.

Now, though, there is a possibility that only the end of 2013 will bring the chips out, provided Intel doesn't leave things for 2014. A shame really, because the specs seem pretty nice. Bay Trail-T and Valleyview-T, even as mobile versions, will have LPDDR3 support and up to four cores. Go here to read more into the matter, such as the competition with ARM-based units.

Next-generation Intel Atom
Image credits to Intel

DOTA 2 New Templar Assassin Hero, Lanaya

Valve has announced the details of a new patch for their MOBA title DOTA 2, adding a number of fixes to the game experience and introducing a new hero, called Lanaya, which is described as a Templar Assassin.

The description of the hero mentions that she is best used by players who like using long range traps to lure in enemies and invisibility in order to launch surprise attacks on them. The patch also fixes a range of problems that the community reported in DOTA 2 and an exhaustive list can be found on the official Steam page.

The highlights include better bots, there are new chests that are opened with keys from the DOTA 2 store and a new announcer. DOTA 2 is Valve’s attempt to deliver a hit in the Massive Online Battle Arena genre and the company currently has the game in beta stage, with no clear launch date announced yet.

PlayStation 3 Super Slim Photos Leaked

Sony is preparing to debut a brand new version of its PlayStation 3 console later this year, presumably the rumored PS3 Super Slim edition, and now the first images of the new device have been leaked on the web thanks to a Brazilian website.

The PlayStation 3 has been around for quite a long time and it already went through a "slimming" process when the PS3 Slim was presented to the world back in 2009. It seems that Sony is getting ready to debut a new design for the PS3 in the form of the rumored Super Slim, at least according to FCC files that were uncovered last month. Now, the first images of this new PS3 have appeared via website Tecnoblog, which apparently got them from the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications. As you can see above and in the gallery below, the new PS3 sports a similar shape to the current PS3 Slim but has a ridged finish on its top panel and might feature a top-loading disc drive, which should make it cheaper to produce. The Sony Brazil document that accompanied the device mentions three actual versions of the PS3 Super Slim, codenamed CECH-4011A, CECH-4011B, and CECH-4011C, which means that three different hard drives will be bundled into the console.

According to the website, these storage options will offer 16, 250, and 500GB of space, which is quite different than the current PS3 Slim that comes in either 160GB or 320GB flavors. Given the fact that Sony presented the PS3 Slim at Gamescom 2009, it stands to reason that the company will once again debut a new PlayStation 3 model at the upcoming 2012 edition of the large convention this August. No other details are known as of yet, but you can admire more leaked photos below.

PS3 Super Slim leaked photo
Images credits to Technoblog

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