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Apr 28, 2013

Velox, the Coolest Jailbreak Tweak Around

WWDC 2013 promises to yield a new iOS version with several UI upgrades, but none of us know what Tim Cook and Jony Ive have in store for us.

So we hope they’re cooking up something like Velox in their iOS labs for the next big upgrade. Coded by Apex Development, Velox is a neat jailbreak tweak that enhances every app on your home screen. Simply swipe down on your Messages app and you instantly get an option to compose a new text. Swipe down on your Phone app and you get a list of your latest calls. Sending a message is just a tap away.

A more interesting example is what happens with the Photos app after you install Velox. Swipe down and you can instantly Twitter, copy or email your latest photo. Social apps present their latest notifications, and so on. Check with the BigBoss repo on Cydia to find Velox for your iDevice.

Retweet: http://clicktotweet.com/F04a4
Name: Velox
Description: Notifications and enhanced folders, right on the Home screen.
Price: $1.99
Repo: BigBoss (coming soon)
Developer: Apex Development
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