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Oct 1, 2013

Bluetooth 4.0 LE Support to Arrive on All Nokia Lumia Handsets Soon

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia is getting ready to make its Windows Phone 8-based Lumia smartphones even more appealing than before, with the addition of Bluetooth 4.0 LE support to them.

The company is expected to make available various Bluetooth Low Energy accessories soon, and will also provide the support for this feature to its devices in the near future. In fact, a recent article on WMPoweruser notes that Nokia’s Care app has already unveiled that support for Bluetooth LE will come to Lumia 520, 620, 625 and 720 devices soon.

Furthermore, Nokia Australia took it to Twitter to confirm the availability of the feature for high-end Lumia devices, as WPCentral explains. Nokia Lumia 820, 920, 925 and 1020 will receive support for Bluetooth 4.0 LE as soon as the next major software update is released to them, the company announced.

Nokia Lumia 925
Image credits to Nokia

F-Secure's Younited Unites Your Dropbox, SkyDrive, Gmail, Flickr and Others

F-Secure, a company known for its security solution, is veering off into what has become a very popular though probably not very lucrative market, cloud storage. Cloud storage companies are a dime a dozen these days and they all offer pretty much the same thing, despite all of them trying to have one gimmick or feature to differentiate themselves.

F-Secure's Younited does have one interesting proposition, it wants to bring all of your "clouds" together in one place. With Younited, you'll be able to get all your files and photos from Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive even Gmail attachments all in one place. If Younited can pull it off seamlessly the feature is certainly an interesting one, though it's hardly the first service to promise an unified cloud, Jolicloud, Gladinet and many others offer similar solutions. Younited is currently in private beta, but you can sign-up for an invite. "We didn’t want to build yet another cloud product where you store away your stuff and then forget about those precious moments. We wanted to create something that brings it all together and puts you back in control of your digital world. We wanted to make something where no photograph, song or video would ever get lost," F-Secure explains. "We wanted to create a place where you can organize your stuff regardless of where it comes from – and then share it with the people you love. We wanted to give you a quick, safe and easy-to-use experience," it adds.

That's all well and good, but you may be wondering why a security company would be doing all of this. Well, apparently, this new service will also be one of the most private, the company is promising that no government or advertiser will get your info. That would be great if Youniverse was a dedicated cloud storage service, but since it relies on so many other companies, it can't guarantee anything, so "privacy" is mostly an empty promise.

Hipsters are already loving Younited, it seems
Image credits to F-Secure

Video credits to F-Secure

1 Gbps Internet from France's Free and AT&T in Austin, Texas

The gigabit trend is catching on it seems. Google is famously offering a 1 Gbps internet connection for a reasonable price to its Fiber subscribers and the world is noticing. In France, Free is now offering a 1 Gbps fiber optics plan as well for an also reasonable price of €35 ($47.41).

The connection only comes with a 200 Mbps upload channel, but it's still much better than what the competition is offering in the country and pretty much everywhere else in the world. VDSL subscribers are also getting upgraded to a 100 Mbps connection. In the US, AT&T is feeling the heat from Google Fiber and is racing to launch its own gigabit connection possibly even ahead of Google in Austin where Fiber is supposed to become available in mid-2014.

"AT&T announced today it has begun deployment of a 100 percent fiber Internet broadband network in Austin that will deliver speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second. AT&T plans to begin delivering AT&T U-verse with GigaPower, the city’s fastest Internet available to consumers, along with more advanced TV services and features, in December," AT&T announced. One of Google's goals with its Fiber project was to spur the competition into action. The big incumbents, at the time, argued that people simply don't want faster internet connections. This while the US ranks among the slowest among the developed countries in terms of broadband speeds.

France's Free is offering a gigabit connection
Image credits to Free

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Battlebox

Here is how NVIDIA intends to counter the hype that AMD has gained by releasing the Radeon R9 290X graphics card: a new gaming PC breed.

Basically, since NVIDIA doesn't have a new video board available to match AMD's new wonder child, it wants to draw attention to the ones it does have on sale. That's why it teamed up with the likes of MAINGEAR, Origin, Digital Storm, CyberPowerPC and Scan Computer, all of them makers of pre-assembled gaming PCs.

Together, they are releasing Battlebox PCs, with overclocked Intel Core i5/i7 CPUs, high-end cooling systems, lots of RAM and SSD storage, and two or three GeForce GTX 780 cards in SLI. 4K monitors (3840 x 2560 pixels) will ship with all these GeForce GTX Battlebox PCs. Needless to say, cash will really have to flow if you want one.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Battlebox PCs
Images credits to NVIDIA

TRENDnet TEW-714TRU Power Socket Wireless Travel Router

This is one of those little curiosities that can make your stay at a motel or hotel a lot easier if there's another person or a group of friends with you.

Called TEW-714TRU officially, the N150 Wireless Travel Router from TRENDnet has three replaceable electrical plugs (American, European, and British style plugs). Once it's plugged into a power socket, it can receive a normal Internet cable and turn it into a wireless one. All it takes is to enter it in WISP Mode and input the provided Username and Password. USB storage devices can be plugged in as well, to be shared over the Wi-Fi connection.

"The TEW-714TRU is designed to meet the needs of the road warrior," said Sonny Su, technology director, TRENDnet. "It plugs into outlets on every continent and offers handy USB share and charging ports." Sales of the new device should already be underway for $59.99 / €44.29.

Image credits to TRENDnet

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