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Jul 10, 2014

Apple Orders 68 Million Units Of iPhone 6 while New Parts Show Up Online (Leak)

Taiwanese website Business Weekly is suggesting some good numbers for Apple's next order of iPhone. According to their sources, the Cupertino-based tech giant just places an order for 68 million units.

Same report says that the customers will have the option of choosing either a 5.5 inch display or a smaller 4.7 inch one. The production will start this month  and Apple will work with their usual manufacturing partners in China - Foxconn and Pegatron. If these numbers are anything close to reality, the iPhone 6 will be the most successful device sold in recent history. And if you only count the big touch screen devices Apple will take the lead in that business. According to the same report, the Taiwanese Topology Research Institute has predicted that the iPhone 6 will sell around 80 million units in 2014 alone. 90 percent of that number should be taken by the 4.7 inch model and the rest will be the 5.5" iPhone.

On another note, new iPhone parts come out of the Chinese plants every day. After we've seen the curved edge display and the back casing of the iPhone 6, the time has come to get our eyes on another Apple piece of technology: the LCD assembly and the home button of the future iPhone. Soon enough we will be able to put together our own working iPhone 6 just by using the parts.

iPhone 6 Lcd assembly
Image credits to 9to5mac

Awesome Speaker and Audio Port All-In-One Patent Published by Apple

Now this is reinventing the wheel! Apple has filed a Patent Application with the US Patent and Trademark Office to show an audio jack housing that doubles as a speaker.

Imagine you only have one opening at the bottom of your iPhone - the Audio Jack and when there's nothing plugged in, you can still hear the sound loud an clear. Well, somebody at Apple has thought on that and has come up with an innovation to make his dream come true. The schematic shows how the channel for the Audio Jack Housing can be turned into an Acoustic Port. Connected to an Audio Driver, that connector has now a double function. This way, the speaker does not communicate directly with the exterior of the device. There are less openings, but you can still hear the sound and use the casing for something else. PattentlyApple notes that future iPhones may not require External Audio Grilles at all. The patent is credited to John Raff and it appears to be filed originally over an year and a half ago.

Another idea is to use the Lightning Port as a replacement for the Audio Jack. If Apple manages to combine all three of those into just one port than the iPhone 7 or 8 may only have one opening - the Lightning port. Apple recently acquired the headphones and music company Beats Audio owned by Dr. Dre. The new division may already be working at high tech audio systems to be incorporated in future iPhones. On the other hand, Apple has a hard time convincing other manufacturers to join them in turning the Lightning Port as the audio port of the future.

Computer World notes that during WWDC Apple suggested that headset manufacturers could use the connector. "This is a module that breaks out analog audio for you ... and connects straight into the Lightning connector on your iOS devices," said Robert Walsh, the manager of Apple's platform accessories."It also provides a digital interface ... so you can offer richer controls for your users, such as integration with iTunes Radio. The Lightning connector is [also] capable of powering your accessories so you don't need batteries in your headphones, for example, to power your noise cancellation."

This is not Apple's first attempt to get rid of connectors and technologies that they find old and limited. In the past, Apple has successfully taken the Floppy Disk, Optical Drive, BlueRay Disc Drive out of there agenda. 
Audio Jack and Speaker all-in-one for your future iPhone
Image credits to Patently Apple

Android L Motorola DROID Phone Leaks in Video

Mobile phone maker Motorola has been long rumored to plan the release of a successor to the Moto X handset, but it appears that it is preparing some other devices as well, and that one of them has emerged in a leaked video.

The clip can be seen embedded below, available courtesy of TK Tech News, and the handset in it is said to be different from the previously rumored Moto X successor, which might arrive on shelves under the name of Moto X+1. Moreover, they claim that this handset might actually be released as part of Motorola’s DROID lineup, and that it will sport a screen larger than 5 inches. In fact, the phone is compared to the Nexus 5 in this clip, and you can see both of them at the 1:45 minute mark, where it is clear that the new Motorola phone is larger than the latest Google phone out there. One other interesting thing that should be noted about the phone is the fact that is has emerged in said leaked video with the Android L operating system loaded on top, which would suggest that it will be announced in the fourth quarter of the year. Of course, there is also the possibility that this is nothing more than a fake, so we’ll take it with a grain of salt for the time being.

However, it’s clear that Google has been giving the Android L operating system to phone makers out there to test it out, and Motorola is certainly one of those to receive it first, since it is part of the Mountain View-based Internet giant. On the other hand, Motorola was already expected to bring new devices to the market before the end of this year, and the handset that can be seen in the video below might be one of them, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, no specific info on the hardware specs of this mobile phone has been provided as of now, and it remains to be seen what else it might have to offer in addition to the aforementioned larger-than-5-inch screen.

Most probably, we’ll see it launched with a quad-core Snapdragon processor inside, 1GB or 2GB of RAM, and with a 13MP or higher camera on the back. Should this device be the release deal, however, we’ll certainly learn more on its capabilities in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, however, have a look at the video embedded below to get a glimpse of the upcoming device.

Upcoming Motorola DROID phone leaks on video
Image credits to YouTube

Here is the second video showing the display quality next to a nexus 5 and how big it is, Also looks to be running Android L, Stay tuned as we go to get hands on time with this device. 
New Droid or Moto X+1 we don't know. We do know at how big it is it has a front speaker on the bottom. This is no moto e as that's smaller than the nexus. anyway we got this in and decided to put it up. Let us know what you think?
Video credits to TK Tech News

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