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Mar 18, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 to Receive Samsung Orb Feature in Android 5.0

One of the features that was previously rumored to make it inside Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 smartphone but which was not made official when the device was announced last week was Samsung Orb, now expected to make it to the phone along with the Android 5.0 update. 

Although it was unveiled with a nice range of camera improvements, including the ability to shoot with both back and front cameras at the same time, or to record audio for a photo, Galaxy S4 is still set to receive more imaging capabilities soon, it seems. The aforementioned Samsung Orb is one of them, essential being the ability to shoot 360-degree panorama photos, just as Nexus devices can via Photosphere, SamMobile explains.

It is also said to sport Twitter, Facebook and Google+ integration, and to be still in development at the moment, but set to arrive on the new device sooner rather than later.

Samsung Galaxy S4
Image credits to Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Spotted on DLNA’s Website

One of the Android devices that South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung Electronics is expected to make official this year is the Galaxy Tab 3, which has already been spotted online a few times before.

This round, the device made it to DLNA’s website, where it was seen with three different model numbers attached to it, namely GT-P3200, GT-P3210, and GT-P3220, a post on Ameblo reads. Galaxy Tab 3 is expected to arrive on the market with a 7-inch touchscreen display capable of delivering a WXGA resolution, and with a 1.5 GHz processor packed inside.

Furthermore, it appears that Samsung is ready to launch the device with LTE / W-CDMA / GSM connectivity inside, and that it might also launch a Wi-Fi-only flavor, the same as it did with its predecessors. Hopefully, more will be officially unveiled on the device soon, so stay tuned.

Samsung logo
Image credits to Samsung

Intel Core i7-4770K CPU (Haswell Core) Benchmarked

The Haswell series of central processing units from Intel will debut around the middle of the year, but reports and leaks have already revealed the lineup.

We have a whole timeline, of sorts, set up here, complete with every instance of specification revelations and benchmarks. Speaking of benchmarks, the folks at Tom's Hardware have a real treat for us today: a full comparison between the flagship Haswell consumer processor and the best Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge CPUs. That is to say a test pitting the Core i7-4770K versus Core i7-3770K and Core i7-2700K.

The test series includes SiSoft SANDRA, 3D Studio Max 2012, video transcoders, etc. Oddly enough, the Core i7-4770K is only slightly better than Core i7-3770K, and even loses in a few cases. We'll be waiting for a second opinion.

Intel Haswell versus predecessors
Images credits to Tom's Hardware

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