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Oct 14, 2012

Windows Phone 8 to Outpace BlackBerry in the Enterprise Segment

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 platform is expected to prove a great option for users in the enterprise segment, recent reports on the matter suggest.

The operating system is said to arrive on devices with a variety of features specifically designed for this market area, which will spur adoption and will allow Microsoft to push RIM to the edge. At the moment, BlackBerry smartphones made by Research In Motion are highly popular among enterprise users, courtesy of increased security options and a familiar OS interface. However, it appears that Microsoft too is planning the inclusion of better security capabilities in Windows Phone 8, which comes as a major upgrade from WP7, a recent article on mobilenewscwp.co.uk reads. Some of these features would include built-in encryption software for both the OS and user’s files, along with ‘App Sandboxing,’ which should provide increased protection from malware. Overall, there will be multiple layers of security packed inside the new platform, so as to increase the protection of all content present on the device.

On top of that, Microsoft is expected to provide improved remote management tools for IT managers, thus making the platform more appealing for the corporate environment. Ovum analyst Nick Dillon suggests that all these will help Windows Phone 8 penetrate the enterprise market more than it will on the consumer area, where familiar platforms such as Android and iOS will continue to dominate. According to the analyst, Windows Phone will manage to increase its market share in the UK from 5 percent this year to over 13 percent in the next five years. The issue is the fact that Windows Phone sports a different UI that other mobile OSes, and that stores need to train their staff to understand the benefits of the platform so as to be able to successfully sell it to customers.

“This, along with the security upgrade is one of the reasons businesses could be the key market for Windows Phone. Done properly with the right marketing, Windows could be a BlackBerry killer in enterprise,” Dillon reportedly said.

Windows Phone 8
Image credits to Microsoft

LG Nexus Reviewed Before Launch

South Korean mobile phone maker LG Electronics is getting ready to bring to the market its first handset in the popular Nexus lineup, and the first review of the yet unannounced device is already available online.

The handset resembles last year’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone coming from Samsung a lot, yet it sports different hardware inside. According to the guys over at tech.onliner.by, who had the chance to play with the device, the screen of LG’s Nexus smartphone is flat, unlike the curved one present on Galaxy Nexus. Moreover, the new smartphone is said to be a bit shorter than the already available handset, while also being a little wider. The smartphone is said to pack only GSM connectivity, with no LTE to enjoy for those fond of 4G networks available worldwide today, though we could expect this feature to be included at launch. After all, said site reviewed only a prototype unit, which was also said to sport a rather buggy Android version. On the hardware side, however, users will be in for a treat, as the new Nexus device comes with about the same specs as the LG Optimus G that was made official last month.

It will hit shelves with a 4.7-inch IPS 1280×720 display, as well as with a quad-core processor inside, and 2GB of RAM, rumor has it. Unfortunately, the phone was said to sport only 8GB of internal memory. On the back, there should be an 8-megapixel photo snapper, complemented by a front camera for making video calls. All the usual set of sensors and connectivity capabilities will be included in the package as well. Chances are that the final version of the handset will be slightly different than this prototype, yet only a few changes might occur. Overall, LG’s Nexus, provided that its rumored $399 price tag will pan out, should prove a highly appealing device, even if the prototype unit did not manage to impress as much. Hopefully, we’ll learn all about it before the end of this month.

LG Nexus
Image credits to tech.onliner.by

LG Nexus next to Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Image credits to tech.onliner.by

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