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Mar 27, 2013

WhatsApp+ 3.17 Available for Android

WhatsApp for Android already proved a highly appealing application, the same as it did on devices based on other mobile operating systems out there, but it seems that enhancements could be made to it.

WhatsApp+, a re-worked, custom version of the official WhatsApp Messenger for Android, can easily prove that. The software comes with the same features as WhatsApp, given that it is built based on it, but adds some new options of its own, allowing users to easily customize colors and more. The app enables users to share music with a single click, to add contact profile pictures to their chats, and can also increase the upload media limit to send large files.

Today, WhatsApp+ was released as version 3.17, with fixes over the previous versions, after getting a consistent Holo UI on all devices only two days ago. The new app release also comes with a series of fixes, its developer notes. More on it can be found over at the XDA-Developers.

Image credits to XDA-Developers

New Alleged Google Babble Screenshot Emerges

Google Babble, the unified messaging service that Google is expected to make official in the not too distant future, will be available for the owners of Android devices as well, and a new screenshot supposedly showing the upcoming mobile client is now available for your viewing pleasure.

The photo emerged over at the Dutch site Skloink, and shows an interface that closely resembles that of the currently available messenger feature in the Google+ application for Android devices. However, it does sport a series of new elements, such as Google Now-styled cards to separate conversations, as Droid-life notes in a recent post.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that the photo is not the real deal, so we’ll take it with a grain of salt for the time being. Stay tuned for more on the matter.

Alleged Google Babble photo
Image credits to Skloink

Microsoft Office “Blue” to Be Called Gemini

Microsoft will soon launch Windows Blue, a major Windows 8 upgrade that would bring improvements to the desktop and tablet client, Windows Phone and server software.

Now rumor has it that the Redmond-based giant is also working on an important overhaul for its Office solution, but unlike Windows, it won’t be called Blue. According to a ZDNet report, the upcoming Office revamp could be called “Gemini” and would include significant enhancements to every single app included in the productivity suite. Since the Office division has only recently started work on Gemini, this major update won’t be launched together with Blue, as the debut will basically be split in two different smaller releases.  First, Microsoft is planning to use the Windows Blue launch event to introduce significant updates to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

While there’s no information on whether the company plans to bring the Office suite in the Metro UI, Microsoft may very well introduce Modern versions of these apps, especially because Blue is betting big on this particular working environment. At this point, there are only two Office apps available for Metro fans, namely OneNote and Lync. The second important step into revamping Office will probably be completed next year, most likely just before the debut of Windows 9. Office 365 and its subscription system would serve as the foundation of this new upgrade, as Microsoft is trying to adopt a similar strategy as for the Windows platform. The software giant is planning to improve the Office solution in such a way that it would allow more frequent updates, so the annual subscription service would clearly help a lot.

All in all, Microsoft Office is getting ready for a major refresh and, even if Microsoft has yet to talk about this, it’s pretty clear that the Blue effect will go way beyond the Windows platform.

Office will receive plenty of updates in the next years
Image credits to arstechnica.com

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