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Oct 19, 2013

OPPO R829 Receives Certification in Indonesia

A new mobile phone from Chinese maker OPPO has received the necessary approvals in Indonesia, namely the yet unannounced OPPO R829.

The handset emerged at POSTEL – the certification body of Indonesia – on October 18, but no info on when it might arrive on the market has been provided as of now. OPPO R829 has been spotted online before, though little is known on its features for the time being. Rumor has it that it will arrive on shelves with Android loaded on top.

At POSTEL, the device received certification with support for W-CDMA/GSM networks. According to Ameblo, it should arrive on shelves as an affordable device. The smartphone might be released in China and some markets in South Asia in the not too distant future. Indonesia is one of the countries set to receive it.

Oppo R829 gets certified in Indonesia
Image credits to Oppo

BlackBerry Still Outselling HTC and Motorola Smartphones

Canadian mobile phone maker BlackBerry has been losing a lot of market share lately, but it seems that the company is still doing better than HTC and Motorola.

A recent report coming from Yankee Group claims that 11 percent of 375 IT decision makers that responded to a poll currently prefer BlackBerry devices over other solutions, as CrackBerry notes. However, Android is leading the pack, with 45 percent of respondents saying that they would choose this platform, while iPhone comes in second, with 39 percent. Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system is preferred by only 4 percent of respondents.

At the same time, the report shows that BlackBerry devices are still outselling HTC and Motorola handsets, despite the fact that BlackBerry had a large write-down of Z10 smartphones. However, chances are that BlackBerry will be left behind by the two in the not too distant future, considering the descending curve it is on at the moment.

BlackBerry still outselling HTC and Motorola
Image credits to BlackBerry

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