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Jun 9, 2013

Nokia Lumia 925T Goes Official in China

Nokia Lumia 925, the latest Windows Phone 8 smartphone from the Finnish mobile phone maker, is set to become available for purchase in China in the not too distant future, and has been already made official in the country as Lumia 925T.

The handset will arrive on shelves at China Mobile in the country, offering support for the wireless carrier’s TD-SCDMA network, GSMInsider reports. The phone sports the same specs as the Lumia 920T before it, but with a series of design changes, including an aluminum frame wrapped around its edges.

Lumia 925 features a 4.5-inch HD+ display, a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory, an 8.7-megapixel photo snapper on the back, front camera for making video calls, and a 2000mAh battery. Nokia’s new smartphone will arrive in China in black, white and gray on June 17. It will be launched at China Unicom too, as Lumia 925. Nokia will offer free Superman “Man of Steel” cases to the first 925 buyers.

Nokia Lumia 925T at China Mobile
Image credits to GSMInsider

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Leaked Photos Emerge

South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung Electronics has been long rumored to plan the launch of high-end camera phone in the Galaxy S4 series, one that would sport the name of Galaxy S4 Zoom, and what appear to be leaked photos with the smartphone are now available online.

The handset, rumored to be officially unveiled on June 20 during a press event in London, has already received the necessary approvals from the FCC, which suggests that its market availability is nearing fast.  The leaked photos with the device, available courtesy of SamMobile and TechTastic, show that it will actually be more of a camera with phone capabilities than a smartphone with high-end camera features, which could disappoint some users, that’s for sure.

The handset also appears to arrive on shelves with a dedicated shutter button on the right side, along with a dedicated tripod mount on the left.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Leaked Photos
Image credits to SAMMobile

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Leaked Photos
Image credits to techtastic.org

Windows 8.1 RTM to Launch on August 1

Microsoft hasn't said a thing about the release date of Windows 8.1 RTM, but we've seen quite a lot of people talking on social networking services about a potential August 1 launch event.

Also citing insiders, Paul Thurrott of WinSuperSite says that since the operating system is called Windows 8.1, it would be natural to see it going live on August 1 (8/1), but we should really take this with a pinch of salt. Even though previous reports indicated that Windows 8.1 could hit RTM in August or September, Microsoft would most likely wait for the holiday season, as the company also expects a new wave of products, be they laptops, PCs, hybrids, or tablets, to support the launch of the new OS.

September or October seem more likely to witness the launch of Windows 8.1, especially because the Softies also need some time to gather feedback sent by users who try out the preview build and then tweak the stable build. Time will prove it, but one thing is for sure at this point: the preview version will be here on June 26.

The Preview will go live in just a few weeks
Image credits to Microsoft

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