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Jul 24, 2013

Boot Animation of Moto X [Video]

Mobile phone maker Motorola appears set to make a difference with the upcoming Moto X smartphone, and the boot sequence for the device, which can be seen in the video embedded above, shows exactly that.

Moto X, a smartphone expected to become official on August 1 and to land on shelves later that month, has already been teased by Motorola with increased personalization capabilities, although it will pack only mid-range hardware inside. The boot sequence spotted by Android Police on Moto X is completely different from what has been seen on other handsets from the company lately, and suggests worldwide availability.

For the time being, Motorola did not confirm specific details on when or where the smartphone will be released, but previous rumors did suggest that it will land in the United States at least at AT&T and Verizon. Stay tuned for more on this.

This is Moto X's awesome boot animation.
Love it or hate it?
Video credits to AndroidPolice

Android 4.3 Factory Images (AOSP) Now Available for Download

Google has just gone official with Android 4.3 and those who already own one of the newer Nexus device will be happy to know the search giant immediately released the corresponding factory images.

Starting today, owners of Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Galaxy Nexus (GSM model) can download and flash the latest Android 4.3 operating system in case they need it. All the binary image files provided by Google are to be used for restoring Nexus device's original factory firmware. Keep mind that in order to be able to use any of these files you will be to have the “fastboot” tool in the PATH of your device.

The device need to be in fastboot mode and the booloader need sot be unlocked. All Android 4.3 factory images for Nexus devices are now available for download via AOSP (Android Open Source Project) website.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean logo
Image credits to Google

High-Quality Video Shows 2013 Plastic iPhone Shell in All Its Glory

The plastic iPhone Apple has prepared for us this year seems all but confirmed, as leak after leak shows the same form factor and design, and even the same set of colors.

The latest video from DetroitBORG up on YouTube doesn’t bring many new details to the table, but it does show the plastic 2013 iPhone shell in all its glory, complete with a very comprehensive commentary on behalf of the narrator, who takes us through the technicalities. Design-wise, it seems the phone is a combination of the iPhone 3GS and the newest iPod touch models. As for the tech specs, they’ll probably be on par with the iPhone 5.

Sonny Dickson in Melbourne, Australia is said to be the source of this leak, so I’m giving him the proper credit here as well. Hit the play button above and enjoy.

This is an early look at what appears to be the casing of the lower cost Apple iPhone, presumably intended to slot below the iPhone 5 and 5S and replace the 4/4S.  This phone and the 5S is expected to debut around September 2013. 
Thanks to Sonny Dickson for making this sneak peak possible!
Video credits to DetroitBORG

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