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Sep 21, 2014

iOS 8 Annoys You? Here's How to Fix the Little Things

There are a good number of well-done things in iOS 8. Apple has finally released the mobil operating system we always wanted after iOS 7. However, some of the changes can be annoying. Someone went trough some of them and found a straight forward solution from lifehacker.

We are not talking about tweaks that can be installed via a jailbreak solution, but about simple things that can be found in the Settings of your own phone and you may not know about. 

Get back the old keyboard

Predictive Text is awesome, isn't it? If you are using English as your primary language, that is. But most of the languages in iOS 8 do not have Predictive Text, therefore you are stuck with English. Well, there's a way to turn that off and make sure to gain that extra row of text in your Mail app or just about any text field your are on. 

Just go to Settings - General - Keyboard and set the Predictive text to OFF. 

Do you like the new Recent Contacts in the multi-tasker? That can be useful if you have just a small group of friends that you need to engage with. However, for that purpose we already have the Favorites in the Phone.app. The good news is that Apple software engineers have added a way to turn that off and you even have the option of choosing whether you want to keep the Phone Favorites, Recents, both or none of them ON. The bad news is that the option is really hidden where you least expect it to be. Just go to Settings - Mail, Contacts, Calendars - Show in App Switcher and find the two toggles.

Delete or keep them forever

The Photos app has been rewritten and some users may not be happy about it. This is because when you delete a photo it just moves to a "Recently Deleted" album. Sure enough, that functionality is similar to the Trash on your computer and it may prove useful if you accidentally delete an image. But you have to take an extra step to delete them after that. 

Go to Photos, Recently Delete, tap Select and the press "Delete All".

In iOS 8 you can send audio and video messages, but the default is set for those to expire after 2 minutes. Sure, this is an important privacy feature and it can be useful to some people, but the regular iPhone user doesn't really want to have a message expire. Imagine you would send a video with your kid to his grandmother and after a couple of minutes it will simply be gone. That looks like a tragedy for grandma. 

If you want to never ask to be be delete it you can fix that in Settings - Messages.

iOS 8 can be fixed
Image credits to Apple

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 and 980 Adopted by Gaming PC Vendors

NVIDIA released the GeForce GTX 980 and GTX 970 graphics cards the other day, based on the Maxwell graphics processing unit architecture. It, thus, stands to reason that gaming PC vendors would be all over them.

We've already seen some computers adopting the cards, or one of them (the GTX 980 in particular). The Syber Vapor Xtreme comes to mind. However, the list of gaming systems that now features a Maxwell graphics card from NVIDIA is far longer than one or two entries. There are systems from Velocity Micro, Origin PC and Maingear available as well, among others. The computers vary in price depending on what kind of hardware you select. It's not just the graphics after all, but the SSD/HDD, RAM, processor, motherboard and accessories that determine it.

Still, the starting price is, on average, of $1,500 – $2,000 / €1,169 – €1,558 (or €1,500 - €2,000, knowing how these things usually go, with exchange rates seldom mattering). Most of the configurations have a single video board as default, but there are some with more than one card in SLI mode. Needless to say, the systems possess high-end, good-looking cases with visual enhancements (embellishments, some may call them) like LED colored lights.

Maingear SHIFT
Image credits to Maingear

Origin PC Genesis
Image credits to Origin PC

Velocity Micro Raptor Signature
Image credits to Velocity Micro

K|NGP|N and TiN Use EVGA GeForce GTX 980 to Set GPU Overclocking Record

The new GeForce GTX 980 graphics card from NVIDIA is not powered by the best possible Maxwell graphics processing unit, since the company is holding the GM200/GM210 in reserve.

However, it still outperforms every other NVIDIA single-GPU card, including the GTX 780 Ti that has certain advantages. Some reviews say so at least. It appears that professional overclockers decided to see for themselves just what the new GM204-400 GPU could do. Fast forward to the present time and voila! K|NGP|N and TiN have not only confirmed that the GTX 980 is an “overclocking monster,” but they even used it to set new records in 3DMark Fire Strike and Fire Strike Extreme benchmark. The scores were of over 19,000 and 9,000, respectively. The actual video card used was not a reference version, but the one from EVGA. They were able to push the GPU to above 2,050 MHz.

To give you some perspective, the normal performance of the GTX 980 is 1,126 MHz base / 1,216 MHz GPU Boost. We're pretty sure that this record won’t last for very long, but we may still be surprised. Many of the records set by K|NGP|N often last until he himself breaks them later.

Press Release:
EVGA, K|NGP|N and TiN have once again broken new records with the new EVGA GeForce GTX 980. Armed with liquid nitrogen, the latest EVGA hardware including an EVGA X99 FTW motherboard, 1600W power supplies and an EVGA GeForce GTX 980 running at over 2050MHz, K|NGP|N was able to set new records on 3DMark Fire Strike and Fire Strike Extreme, breaking 19,000 and 9,000 barrier in each benchmark.
"The Maxwell GPU in the EVGA GeForce GTX 980 is an overclocking monster," said Vince "K|NGP|N" Lucido. "There is a ton of headroom on the GPU and Memory clocks, and performance scaling is some of the highest I have ever seen. Internally we have hit the highest clocks ever achieved on a GPU."
"The power efficiency of the new GPUs allow for higher overclocking with lower power consumption, even on air cooling," said Illya "TiN" Tsemenko. "The fact that it is not so demanding on power consumption, allows you to achieve clockspeeds that were not possible before on a reference power design."

EVGA GTX 980 in 3DMark Fire Strike
Images credits to EVGA

Canon 1Ds-X Big-Megapixel DSLR Tipped to Be Unveiled in New York This October

Just a few days have passed since Canon introduced its highly anticipated DSLR, the 7D Mark II, on the grounds at Photokina 2014 with bells and whistles. The flagship model takes advantage of an APS-C sensor and arrives with a slew of improvements compared to the previous model.

However, this was the sole DLSR the company launched during the event. Now rumors uncovered on the FredMiranda forums claim Canon might have another DSLR up its sleeve, which is due to be unveiled soon enough.

Canon to unleash a PRO-level DSLR soon

It appears Canon is planning a special event that’s scheduled to be held at the Javits Center in New York City next month, where the photo giant will tackle the big-mega pixel realm. The camera to be unveiled is expected to be marketed as the 1Ds-X and will tout a 46-megapixel sensor. It is said that the company will have it ready in time for the PhotoPlus Expo 2014 event, which is going to take place towards the end of next month, so we might get to take a glance at it there. Canon should be rushing things along while its big-megapixels business is concerned, because Nikon is already one step ahead with its D800 and D810. So if we are to trust the sources as accurate, the next big thing from Canon should surface in a month or so.

Specs of the new DSLR remain a mystery

The specifications of the device haven’t been leaked out, but as we advanced towards the rumored announcement date, they are most likely to make a debut online. So except for the fact that the camera will boast a 46MP sensor, there’s nothing much we could tell you. At this point we could hypothesize that the camera won’t be based on a multi-layered design, but we shouldn’t cancel out any scenarios for the time being. In all possibility, the 1Ds-X name isn’t even the name that Canon has choosen for its pro-level DSLR, so like we have seen many times before, the device could end up on the market under a total different name.

Expect the camera to come with a big price tag. For the time being, the company’s flagship 1D X is still available for pickup from Amazon with a $6,799 / €5,289 price-tag. By comparison, the new DSLR should be marketed for around $8,000-$9,000 / €6,234-€7,014. Keep an eye on us as we bring you more updates about the exciting but elusive Canon 1Ds-X big-megapixel DSLR.

Canon 1D X might get a successor in October
Image credits to Amazon

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Specs Leak Out: 13.3-Inch Screen, 3200 x 1800 Res, Intel Core M

Not so long ago, at the Intel Developer Forum, the chip giant talked about the first upcoming tablets and laptops to arrive bundling the Intel Core M platform, among which we could find the ASUS Zenbook UX305, Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 2 and HP Envy x2 Duo to name just a few.

But we saw no trace of Lenovo’s upcoming Yoga 3 Pro convertible which surfaced online not so long ago. Granted, the products Intel talked about at IDF are expected to make it to retail before Christmas, whereas the next-gen Yoga Pro might arrive in shops a little bit later on. Anyway, we already know the Yoga 3 Pro will be powered by an Intel Core M-5Y70 chip, but apart from that the specs of the 2-in-1 remain a mystery.

The veil lifts off most specs of the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro

Well, now a user on Reddit posted what appears to be a more complete list for the Yoga 3 Pro. Furthermore, the folks of Mobile Geeks stumbled upon the device in a few retail listings confirming the specs revealed by the former. So here’s what we can expect the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro to bring to the table. The 2-in-1 will take advantage of a 13.3-inch display of the IPS variety and will boast 3200 x 1800 pixel resolution, which is exactly what the Yoga 2 Pro offered. In the computing department, pulling the strings is an Intel Core M 5Y70 processor working with Intel HD 5300 graphics and fitted with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of solid state storage.

The machine’s life source is a 44.8 Whr battery which should grant users 7 hours of work time on a single charge. This is not bad, considering that the laptop takes advantage of a powerful, large display. Apart from that, the Yoga 3 Pro should also bundle 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, HDMI out, stereo speakers, 720p webcam and dual microphones. The system will have a backlit keyboard and will be offered in multiple colors including the traditional orange of the Yoga Pro line but also in gold.

Sorry, no Windows 9 on board

Those of you who were hoping to see Windows 9 come pre-installed on the device, we hate to burst your bubble, but it appears the convertible will take advantage of good-old Windows 8.1 64-bit. Well, at least Lenovo bumped things up in the processor department, right? Anyway, the retail listings show the Yoga 3 Pro with 512GB of internal memory is due to sell for €1,599 / $2,051. When it is available for purchase, we don’t know.

Retail listing showing the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro
Images credits to Mobile Geeks

iPhone 6 Plus Gets Teardown Treatment

Apple has launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus just a week ago and we’re already seeing a lot of excitement and anticipation on behalf of customers loyal to the brand.

And while you wait for your pre-order to grow wings and arrive on your door step, maybe you want to treat yourself with some insights in the entrails of one of the newcomers, namely the iPhone 6 Plus. The curious folks at iFixit have already been tinkering with the larger version of the new handset, showing us what this baby hides under the hood. Well, there’s nothing really out of this world to report about. But I can tell you there’s 1GB of RAM in there and a pretty huge battery. Apple didn’t give us insights into the capacity of the power source, but thanks to the teardown we can now see it’s a 2,915 mAh one.

So those of you looking to purchase the iPhone 6 Plus should sigh in relief as the battery has been doubled compared to the iPhone 5s. What's more, the same power source proves to be a tad bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S5. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 wins in terms of battery chunkiness, taking advantage of a 3,220 mAh battery.

iPhone 6 Plus insights laid out flat

iPhone 6 Plus circuits revealed

iPhone 6 Plus showing big battery

iPhone 6 Plus taken down

iPhone 6 Plus back cover taken out

iPhone 6 Plus circuits revealed

iPhone 6 Plus before taken down

iPhone 6 Plus showing its insights

iPhone 6 Plus showing its insights

iPhone 6 Plus has big battery

iPhone 6 Plus camera taken out
Images credits to iFixit

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