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Aug 1, 2011

Open Quran 1.9.25 by Ayman Teryaki

Most Quran Software are consisting of a Quran version and some translations, which users can't choose or change. For studying purpose this can't help much and the user has to use many software for getting results which has to be written else where.

OpenQuran is in this case very easy to use and can be developed the way the user like to.
Including own version of Quran and with many translation as possible. Writing own Comments to every Vers in the Quran, also importing written comments. Viewing some verses with own comments in-between, This can be saved as .oq file and shared with other OpenqQuran users.

The OpenQuran application can be translated easily to any language by changing a xml file, Suras names can be changed although the way user like to and many other options.
Here are some key features of "Open Quran":

Changing Suras Names to your own language:
· In this version of Openquran we've included only the arabic names of the Suras. If you would like to change the Suras names to your own native language, edit the xml file

Search selected (Alt+F):
· any selected word or phrase in the browser can be send to search box

Show selected Sura (CtrlAltSpace):
· selecting any verse number from the browser and clicking this option will navigate directly to choosen Sura. Selecting 2 numbers with double point inbetween (e.g. 1:1) will show the choosen verse.

Sort Verse numbers:
· This option shows only verse numbers from displayed verses (such as search results) in case we would like to share only the numbers of verses with some one else. It shows also the count of "even" and "odd" verse numbers.

Sort only text:
· Browser content will be clearyfied from all formating, if we need only the text.

Write comments (Alt+C) to every verse:
· selecting a verse numbers (e.g. 1:1) and choosing write comments will lead directly to the "comments Editor" to write comments to the choosen verse

Gematrical Value:
· If you select the verse text und choose "Gematrical Value", OQ will calculate the value of every letter and give the sum of the whole verse/s. If did not select a text, this will prompt a popup window letting you type your own text (Only for arabic language).
· The (P) beside the number means that the Result is a prime number.
· Also if result is divisible to 19, this will be shown. To change the divisible number, click on the "statusbar" and type your number.

The "Translation Tab" :
· of Open Quran shows all translation tables, which are installed in your database.
· We need to select at least one of them to browse the information we require.
Right click menu:
· Select All of the tables
· Move UP or DOWN sorting table
· Make writable for your own comments
· Remove selected table

· Search box with RightClick menu
Search (Return):
· searching for letter, word or phrase in the search box

Match Whole Word:
· Select this Checkbox in case you're looking for a phrase, else OQ willl search for every word in this phrase alone

Case Sensitive:
· Search for the same letter/word/phrase

Whole Quran:
· will search in the whole quranic text

Only in selected Sura:
· Select one or many Suras from the Suras Names (Down left) to search only in them

· Within Browser
· Content: It allows user to search many times in the same browsed text

Analyse (Alt+Space):
· The result of search will show only calculated numbers of Enteries, Suras, Verses, count of letters etc….

search unique:
· count(); function allows user to find letters, words or phrases with a specifed repitation in every verse.
· ( S means searched letter/word/phrase)
· ( = means equal to the specified number)
· ( < smaller than specified number)
· ( > bigger than specified number).

· RTL (RightToLeft Searchbox direction)
· Declaring own search expressions
· If you press ( F9) a listBox will appear under the searchBox, which contains some expressions that can be usefull by searching.
· All expressions listed here are saved in a xml file: "C:\My Documents(or User)\User name\openquran\xml\expressions.xml".
Users of OpenQuran can edit or modify this listBox by opening the expressions.xml. All we have to do is to add one more Tag like this one:
.NET Framework 2.0
Download Here

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