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Feb 10, 2014

HTC M8 Launch Event Invitations to Arrive in About Two Weeks

HTC’s next flagship smartphone is expected to become official before the end of this quarter, and it seems that some sort of confirmation on the matter has emerged courtesy of HTC chairman Cher Wang.

Speaking to Reuters, Cher Wang has confirmed that the company will be sending out invitations to the handset’s release event in about two weeks, without confirming the actual launch date for it. Moreover, she said that HTC would focus on the launch of entry-level smartphones moving forth, improving the quality and number of handsets launched in the $150 to $300 segment.

Overall, 2014 should mark high-volume sales of cheaper devices, though high-end smartphones, such as the aforementioned HTC M8 flagship, won’t be left aside either. Previously, the flagship device was rumored to be announced sometime in mid-March in New York, but it remains to be seen whether that will pan out or not.

HTC to announce M8's unveiling day in about two weeks
Image credits to THC

Garmin Navigator for Android Updated to Version 9.0.1

Garmin Navigator for Android devices is not among the most popular navigation applications, but developers are trying to improve it with new features and enhancements.

The latest update brings just that, some new features and settings that will allow Garmin Navigator users to further customize their navigation experience. According to the official changelog, this update brings Icon Refresh, Last Mile Navigation and Where Am I? new features. In addition, developers confirmed the application now comes with customizable speed alert.

Keep in mind that while Garmin Navigator is free, some features are only available for a $7.95 monthly subscription (first month free for new customers). You can now download Garmin Navigator for Android 9.0.1 for free via Google Play Store. The application should be compatible with most devices powered by Android 2.1 and up.

Garmin Navigator for Android (screenshots)
Image credits to Garmin

HTC M8 Final Render Allegedly Spotted Online

HTC M8, the next flagship Android-based smartphone from Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC Corporation, has made it online in a new photo today, supposedly the final render of the device.

The handset has leaked quite a few times before, but little was actually known until now on what it might look like when finally made official, despite the fact that some blurry photos with it have previously emerged. The aforementioned render with HTC M8 has made it online courtesy of HTCFamily.ru, and it should account as the first press photo with the device, provided that it is indeed the real deal. Just as previously rumored, the smartphone will arrive on shelves with on-screen buttons, while also featuring about the same looks as the HTC One last year. In fact, the device was said to sport a striking resemblance with its predecessor, despite the fact that it would come with a larger screen. The phone’s back will feature the same curved design as HTC One’s, though some changes will be observed there, it seems.

Some of the latest leaked images with the handset have confirmed that it will come with twin cameras on the back, both UltraPixel sensors, continuing the tradition that HTC kicked off with last year’s flagship. Although the upcoming HTC M8 (supposedly called HTC One 2 / One+) will sport only minor design changes compared to its predecessor, the phone is expected to be much more powerful and to bring a nice set of software enhancements along. The user interface that HTC is said to debut alongside this handset can be seen in the aforementioned leaked render, while also offering a glimpse at what other devices in HTC’s lineup might be receiving in the not too distant future.

No official confirmation on HTC M8 has emerged until now, but rumor has it that it will be launched with a 5-inch FHD screen, a quad-core processor inside, and 2GB of RAM. The phone might become official as soon as the next month, during a press event that HTC supposedly set for New York, so keep an eye on this space for updates on the matter.

HTC M8 final render
Image credits to @htcfamily_ru on Twitter

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