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Aug 13, 2011

Download Firefox 6 Final Today

Mozilla has wrapped up the development process of Firefox 6 and is already offering downloads of Firefox 5’s successor. However, the launch of Firefox 6 Final has yet to be announced officially, as the bits have not started being offered to the public. 

Instead, the open source browser vendor is serving Firefox 6 Final through its FTP servers, at least at the time of this article. I don’t doubt that this will change soon enough, but for now, users can grab Firefox 6 via the link at the bottom of this article. 

As I told you earlier this week, Mozilla was planning to launch Firefox 6 on August 16th, 2011. For all I know, that date continues to be the official release deadline for the latest major iteration of Firefox browser. 

Unofficially though, the fully-fledged Firefox 6 Final is already available for download in all supported languages. Mozilla had started populating the Firefox 6.0 Release folder on its FTP servers even before I began writing this, and the bits are live as the article went public. 

It’s important to note that early adopters will not see any differences between Firefox 6 Final and Firefox 6 Beta Refresh 5. 

Of course, our readers, and Mozilla testers, already know that Beta Refresh 5 was actually the Release Candidate (RC) of Firefox 6. 

With the documentation accompanying Firefox 6 releases yet to be updated, users who access it will come across a range of Beta references, but they need to understand that since Firefox 6 Final hasn’t been announced officially, the resources accompanying the Build have also not been refreshed. 

The Release Notes for example still mention Firefox 6 Beta, but it provides users with an idea of what the browser brings to the table, including new Address Bar functionality, new Web Developer menu, enhanced Firefox Sync, boosted browser startup times, and support for WebSockets, EventSource / server-sent events, window.matchMedia, etc. 

Firefox 6 Final for Windows is available for download here.

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