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Jul 10, 2013

Biostar H87/81 and B85 Motherboards Enables BIOS Overclocking

The Haswell collection of central processing units from Intel (fourth-generation Core-Series) needs a motherboard powered by a Lynx Point chipset.

The ones enabled by the Z87 chipset have no problem overclocking, while the H87, B85 and H81 lack the capacity, unless motherboard makers do something about it. Biostar decided to be one of the makers that did something about it. Long story short, it has launched a BIOS that enables overclocking on mainboards built with the H87, B85 and H81 core-logic sets.

All it takes is to adjust the CPU ratio from BIOS settings and voila! A higher core clock. It doesn't hurt that the UEFI BIOS is very comprehensive, as seen in the picture included in the press release. Even people new to overclocking should have an easy time figuring it all out.

Biostar enables overclocking on common mainboards
Images credits to Biostar

Google Maps 7.0.0 for Android Promo Video Now Available

Today, Google published a new video promo for its Google Maps for Android application, only hours after making official a new flavor of the software, namely version 7.0.0.

The updated app iteration was made available for download for all phones and tablet PCs running under Android 4.0.3 or newer operating system variants, and lands on devices with a brand new user interface, in addition to other enhancements. “Explore new places, discover local favorites, and navigate your world with the new Google Maps app. Available on Android phones and tablets with a simple, easy-to-use design,” Google notes in the description of said promo video (embedded above).

Google Maps 7.0.0 for Android should be rolled out to all supported devices in a matter of weeks, starting with July 9, 2013, but the APK for the app is already available for manual download, just as reported before.

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