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Nov 29, 2012

Meizu MX2 to Land Soon in China, Hong Kong and Russia

This week, Meizu made official its MX2 Android-based smartphone, which is expected to arrive on shelves in the near future in a series of Asian and Russian markets, it seems.

Although initially expected to land only in China, the phone is now said to be en-route to Russia and Hong Kong as well by mid-December. It has already received necessary approvals, it seems. Featuring internal capacities of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, the handset is expected to feature a market price of RMB $2499 ($400 / 310 Euro), RMB $2999 ($480 / 370 Euro) and RMB $3999 ($640 / 500 Euro), respectively.

The handset is compatible with China Unicom’s WCDMA network, but it is also expected to arrive on shelves with support for China Telecom’s services. The handset was launched with a 4.4-inch screen, a quad-core processor inside, an 8-megapixel photo snapper, and Google’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean platform loaded on top.

Meizu MX2
Image credits to Weibo / Meizu

Oppo Find 5 Video Promo

Chinese mobile phone maker Oppo is set to bring to shelves in its homeland market a new device running under Google’s Android operating system, called Oppo Find 5.

The main selling point of the new device, which also gave it its name, is the 5-inch touchscreen display that can deliver a full HD resolution. This week, the company made available a video promo for the smartphone stressing on the fact that it can boast an impressive screen resolution at a 441ppi pixel density.

The video presents a history of the mobile phone, offering a glimpse at how the smartphone technology has evolved over the years. This is not the first smartphone in the world to boast such a panel on the front, yet it is the first of them to come from Oppo, which makes it highly valuable for the vendor.


The Oppo Fine 5 Android phone is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated Chinese phones of the year and these latest details confirm some of the rumored spec!
According to the video the Oppo Find 5 will feature a 5 inch HD display along with a 16 mega-pixel rear camera!
Video credits to GizChina

RIM BlackBerry OS 10.0.9 Bundle 1103 Pushed to Developers

Research In Motion has just announced the availability of a new software update for the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Devices currently in the hands of developers.

Released as BlackBerry OS version 10.0.9 Bundle 1103, the new platform release brings along a variety of changes, including a rebranded app storefront. Furthermore, the previously announced changes to the app icons in the upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system have been included in the new platform update. The changelog for the release includes:

  • BlackBerry App World storefront has been re-branded as BlackBerry World
  • BlackBerry World now supports payments for apps and games, and in-app payments
  • BlackBerry Hub placeholder is now available
  • When you turn on Development mode on the device, a notification is sent to the Hub and an indicator light flashes
  • Various updates have been made to the look and feel of UI components and the standard size for application icons.

Developers interested in learning more on the changes that were made to app icons should head over to this page on RIM’s website to read all about them in the BlackBerry 10 UI guidelines. RIM also advises them to create a second BlackBerry ID for the Dev Alpha device, so as to make sure they do not lose BBM contacts from existing BlackBerry handsets. Should developers use the same ID, the BBM contacts will be transferred to the Dev Alpha device and erased from the first handset, without the possibility to automatically import them back.

At the same time, the company notes that there are a series of issues that developers who own a BlackBerry 10 Development Alpha B device might encounter. You can read all about them on this page. With roughly two months left until the BlackBerry 10 platform is officially launched, RIM appears to be making great progress towards applying the finishing touches to it. The company also announced the availability of a new developer handset, called BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C.

Blackberry logo
Image credits to RIM

Contacts App in BlackBerry 10 [Video]

BlackBerry 10, the next major mobile operating system release from Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion, is set to arrive on devices with a focus on making communication much easier than before, it seems.

Thus, the company has worked on packing the new mobile platform with a brand new Contacts application, which should provide users with more features than before. According to BBin, which managed to score the video embedded above, users will be able to easily connect with their friends via over Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and BBM, all straight from the Contacts app.

Finding info on a contact will work like a charm in the upcoming platform, it seems, the same as discovering new friends would, courtesy of a “Recommendations” tab available in the app. Have a look at the video above to learn more on this.

more info: www.bbin.in
Video credits to BlackBerryIndiaBlog

BlackBerry Hub in BlackBerry 10 OS [Video]

Research In Motion’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system will have to offer a nice range of new features to its users, including a so-called BlackBerry Hub, which can be seen detailed in the video embedded above.

The Hub represents a one-stop messaging center for users, where all BBM, email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and more communications are viewable. From there, users will be able to easily reply to any conversation, without having to open each of the specific apps separately when the new BlackBerry 10 platform arrives in their hands in the beginning of the next year.

The guys over at BBin have managed to score the demo at a RIM presentation today, offering a visual rendition of the feature, so that users could understand more on what it has to offer to them.

more info: www.bbin.in
Video credits to BlackBerryIndiaBlog

RIM Release Android Runtime for BlackBerry 10 Beta 4

Today, Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion made available for download a new beta version of its Android Runtime for BlackBerry 10.

The new flavor of the development tools brings along support for the building of apps with push capabilities, which should enable software developers with the possibility to expand the capabilities of their apps. At the same time, the new release features support for the ambient light and proximity sensors in the upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices. Those developers with applications that take advantage of such sensors can now port them from Android to BlackBerry 10 without having to change the code, RIM notes. To test whether their apps work well on the platform, developers simply have to download and install the latest BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha update or the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Simulator.

As for the aforementioned Push support, RIM notes that apps with Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) will have to be repackaged to take advantage of the technology on BlackBerry 10. RIM also explains how devs can build push-enabled Android apps:

  • Register with the BlackBerry Push Service.
  • Create a configuration file for your Android app.
  • Specify Push as a required permission in BAR file’s manifest file.
  • On the push-initiator server side, format the data to be sent to BlackBerry application servers.

Those who would like to learn more on the matter should head over to the Android Runtime API Support Page for extended Push API Support. To get started, devs will need the BlackBerry Eclipse Plug-in for Android Development Tools and Command-line tools, which will help them start using new Android Runtime features for the BlackBerry 10 Beta. Specific details on porting Android apps to the BlackBerry PlayBook or BlackBerry 10 are available on this page on RIM’s developer website.

Blackberry logo
Image credits to RIM

BlackBerry 10 to Get BBM Video

BlackBerry 10, the next platform release from Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion, is expected to arrive on shelves with a nice range of new features when compared to what the current platform releases have to offer, including some related to BBM.

A certain BBM Voice feature has already been confirmed to arrive on the platform, and it seems that a BBM Video option will also land on the new operating system. According to CrackBerry, a bbm_video folder has already been sported in the latest BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha update. The folder includes a video_chat.m4a file, which is said to be the ringtone for the BBM Video, since it is the same as the ringtone for PlayBook video chat.

For the time being, however, RIM hasn’t provided specific info on what the feature is all about, though it might do so soon. Stay tuned for more on this.

BBM Video to arrive in BlackBerry 10
Image credits to Crackberry

BlackBerry Link for BlackBerry 10 Spotted, Updated SDK Available

While gearing up for the launch of its new BlackBerry 10 operating system, Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion is also updating the various tools and applications that both end users and developers need.

Among them, we can count the BlackBerry Link desktop app, which should replace the popular Desktop Manager when the new platform release will arrive. The guys over at N4BB managed to grab some screenshots with BlackBerry Link, the app set to provide users with the possibility to easily sync their pictures, video, music, and other files between a BlackBerry device and a desktop computer. Users will benefit from a new UI in this app, with features such as documents viewing and easier syncing of content. In addition to the desktop app, RIM will also offer new developer tools for the building of apps for the upcoming platform, and has just made available for download a new pre-release version of its development kit.

The new BlackBerry 10 SDK release brings along an update to the Visual Studio Plug-In beta, as well as forward compatibility for BlackBerry WebWorks HTML5 apps, sensor and orientation APIs for BlackBerry WebWorks, and other enhancements as well. This is the latest beta version of the SDK that RIM makes available for download. On December 11, 2012, the company will release the final flavor of the toolkit. “Developers from around the world are joining us on the last leg of the journey to the launch of BlackBerry 10 and we are thrilled at the enthusiasm we see from them. We have worked hard, and continue to work hard to meet the needs of developers,” said Alec Saunders, vice president, Developer Relations and Ecosystems.

“Developers asked for hardware to test their apps, and we delivered. They asked for the roadmap about the tools, and we posted it. They asked for RIM to show our confidence in developer success, and we’re doing it. We’ve continued to refine and add on to our developer programs to ensure we are giving developers the best opportunities for success with BlackBerry 10.”

Download BlackBerry 10 Native SDK
Download BlackBerry Ripple Emulator
Download BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK
Download BlackBerry 10 Simulator
Download BlackBerry 10 SDK for Adobe Air
Download BlackBerry Tablet SDK

Blackberry link
Images credits to N4BB

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