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Jun 1, 2012

Download Windows 8 Release Preview

Today, Microsoft made available for download a new pre-release flavor of its Windows 8 operating system. Called Release Preview, the new platform version is the equivalent of a Release Candidate.

The Release Preview of Windows 8 was made public today in 14 languages, and it is said to be the final pre-release version of the platform. In addition to the latest enhancements brought to Windows 8, the new release also comes with an upgraded Internet Explorer 10, as well as with updated and new Metro applications, and more. Windows 8 Release Preview was meant to provide users with the possibility to stay connected to Hotmail, SkyDrive, and Messenger through dedicated applications, as well as with access to more apps via the Windows Store. Moreover, the new release comes with more personalization options for the Start screen, better multi-monitor support, improvements to the manner in which users find and download apps from the Windows Store.

Release Preview also features new Family Safety features, as well as better privacy and security controls when browsing offline. Internet Explorer 10 features turned on Do Not Track capabilities. The browser also comes with better touch capabilities, including a “flip ahead” feature, that enables users to flip through pages with a swipe. Moreover, Internet Explorer now is fully integrated with Adobe Flash Player. Millions of people are already using the pre-release flavors of Windows 8, which led to a wide range of enhancements being included in the new flavor. “Since our first preview release last September, millions of people now use the pre-release product on a daily basis and millions more have been taking it through its paces, totaling hundreds of millions of hours of testing,” Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky notes in a blog post.

“We genuinely appreciate the effort that so many have put into pre-release testing, and of course, we appreciate the feedback too. Direct feedback and feedback through usage contributed to hundreds of visible changes in the product and tens of thousands of under-the-hood changes.” Moving forth, Microsoft is getting ready for the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) version of Windows 8, which should bring more changes to the platform and which is expected to arrive sometime in summer. The final flavor of Windows 8 should become commercially available in fall.

Download Windows 8 Release Preview via links below:
Windows 8 Release Preview Build 8400 - 32 bit
Windows 8 Release Preview Build 8400 - 64 bit

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