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Sep 16, 2014

Apple Posts Official Page on How to Move from Android to iPhone

In the day of the iOS 8 launch and just 48 hours before the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus big launch, Apple is helping all of you move away from Android phones.

This easy to follow guide has simple information and pictures so even an Android user can do it. Moving your content to a new iPhone 6 or Phone 6 Plus will be the last thing you do on an Android phone before you will embrace a more elegant experience. Apple sold millions of iPhone 6 models in the first few days so more and more Android users must be switching.

The basics

This new page is divided into sections about Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then you have some tips for moving your photos and videos. Your music will need to get into iTunes and your Books and PDFs will find a new home in iBooks. Moving Documents is easy as well and there's a short guide on how to find similar or better apps. When it comes to Mail, Contacts, and Calendars you can use Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo and other services or providers. All you have to do is add your email accounts or use an app like Copy My Data for iOS and Android. By signing into your social media sites you will bring some of your contact info to iOS as well. For photos and videos there are a few apps to help you move them over, but it is always easier to use a computer for that. Photo Sync for iOS and Android can help you.

Content is king

Your music is important and there are two main ways to move it from your old Samsung or Nexus to the shiny new iPhone. Apple recommends a streaming music app like Pandora or Beats Music so you can play your music and not even bother with moving the music files. If you really want to, just import your old media into iTunes and go from there. iBooks works with ePub and PDF formats so you can easily import them using your computer. The same works for Documents. When it comes to apps, iOS already has the best ones out there so there's no need to worry about. You will not find any malware, Android OS viruses or Bloatware on your iPhone. As long as you have an iTunes account., just log in and download all your favorites. Make sure to read all the steps and have a great experience with iPhone.

You can finally move to iOS
Image credits to Apple

iCloud now has Two-Step Verification

Apple's first big step to fix the iCloud security problem was taken today. iCloud.com is now protected by a two-step verification system. That means your access to iCloud.com apps is more secure, but it may prove cumbersome for some users.

Did you enable two-step verification? It's not difficult and you can make sure no one will access your iCloud files from now on, but you. Once you have that activated you will be able to see it on iCloud.com. Therefore, when you login there you will need to have your phone by your side to get the unlock code. iCloud.com has apps like Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders Pages, Numbers and Keynote. All of them are restricted. Interestingly enough, Find my iPhone and Settings are not locked so you can still work with those whether you have a phone or not.

When the iCloud two-step verification is activated you will receive an email every time someone logs into your account. If it was you, just ignore that email. The iCloud.com page has an option to make it easier for users who have only one computer that they use to log in. Just enable the toggle for "Remember this browser" and you will not be asked to provide an extra passcode.

iCloud two-step verification
Image credits to MacRumors

The First Video Reviews of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 will not hit the store shelves or your home until Friday, but that doesn't mean you cannot already see how they look. Two new videos highlighting the devices showed up online today.

We already know how the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus look like so this is not a big surprise. However, it is interesting too how they are compared to other Apple or Android running phones. The iPhone 6 video shows a white and gold device running, as expected, iOS 8.0. The reviewer from Underkg has photos and video of the new device and he measures the weight and size compared to a few Samsung devices, the original iPhone and the iPhone 5s. He also shows how Reachability works. In order to prove this is a legit iPhone 6 he uses FaceTime to initiate an audio call on the new device.

When it comes to iPhone 6 Plus, you can really see the size increase in the guy's hands. However, the device looks really thin in this size. On the iPhone 6 Plus you can use the new zoomed view for the home screen. The video also shows how the landscape mode works on the home screen. The high-resolution videos and photos show a beautiful device that has only one flaw: the size. But that may be a plus for an Android user or someone who likes bigger phones.

iPhone6 Plus

compared to iPhone 5s

iPhone 6 Plus versus iPhone 5s

protruding camera

dual LED flash


the bottom of the phone

volume buttons and mute switch

the back of iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus, at large
Images credits to underkg.com

Apple iPhone 6 hands-on

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Hands-on
Videos credits to UNDERkg

Samsung Galaxy Prime Selfie Smartphone Leaks in First Images

These days you can’t even turn around at the supermarket without spotting a few people taking a selfie of themselves and their favorite brand of cereal. And the world’s greatest tech manufacturers have been feeding this frenzy obsessively with products especially designed to fuel this passion.

We have seen the selfie brush, the selfie hat, and the selfie camera shaped like a perfume bottle, but still these remain peculiar products most customers will never actually buy. Sure it’s fun to look at them and talk about them, but most of us won’t spend cash on them.

Samsung is prepping a selfie-friendly camera

What about a selfie phone then? Such a device sounds more reasonable and bound to attract more selfie lovers. Anyway, Samsung has been rumored to be working on a selfie-centric phone called Galaxy Grand Prime. Those of you who got your attention piqued by the news should know that the first images showing the smartphone have already been leaked online courtesy of GSM Arena. Unofficial word on the street has it that the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime will come equipped with an 8MP main camera with 1080p video capture. The photos we’re talking about show us the frontal camera, which boasts 5MP resolution, an important improvement from the 2MP we were accustomed to seeing in previous Grand devices.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime reduces screen size

However, compared to the Galaxy Grand 2, the screen size of the Prime model has been reduced. The former had a 5.25-inch 720p screen, while the new model sports a 5-inch display with qHD resolution. The first-gen Grand model came with the same 5-inch form factor but took advantage of WVGA resolution instead. Like previous models, the Galaxy Grand Prime will come equipped with dual SIM and offer 3G connectivity (HSPA up to 42Mbps download and 5.7Mbps upload). Other important specifications include Wi-Fi a/n/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, and 8GB of internal storage (expandable via microSD card). For the time, being we don’t know the powerhouse Samsung will use with the Grand Prime model.

The original source leaking these photographs comes from Vietnam, and customers in that country will be able to pick up the handset starting this October. However, availability dates for the rest of the world remain unknown. Even so, if you crave a selfie-centric phone with a high-res front-facing camera with dual SIM, you have some options on your hand, like the Sony Xperia C3 Dual or the Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM. The choice is yours.

Samsung Galaxy Prime has qHD res

Samsung Galaxy Prime is a selfie phone

Samsung Galaxy Prime has a 5-inch display
Images credits to GSMArena

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