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Mar 2, 2014

BBM Will Get Photo Sharing in Multi Person Chats, Increased Size for Shared Files

Canadian mobile phone maker BlackBerry is getting ready to bring a nice range of enhancements to its BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), and it has already unveiled a series of details on the matter.

The company has announced that these changes are based on the feedback received from users and that they will make it to BBM in the near future, but it did not provide a specific released date for them. As for the upcoming enhancements themselves, the most important one will be the inclusion of support photo sharing in multi person chats. BBM has already provided users with a series of sharing capabilities when it comes to multi person chats, such as the possibility to send voice notes, files (from a Dropbox account), and location (powered by Glympse). Support for photo sharing in multi person chats will be available in the next BBM release, and will be accompanied by another great enhancement, namely the option to send files that are larger than the currently supported 6MB.

BBM will allow users to send files that are of up to 16MB in size, which translates into the possibility to easily share larger photos and documents, as well as longer videos. “For example, the 6MB transfer limit today allows you to send 6 seconds of 1080p HD video (recorded on a BlackBerry Z30 smartphone). With the increase to 16MB, you will be able to send 16 seconds of video using the same settings,” Jeff Gadway, head of product and brand marketing for BBM, explains in a blog post. The upcoming BBM release will also bring along an increase in the size of emoticons, also based on the feedback received from users. However, the increase will be only a small one, it seems.

“With millions of you depending on BBM to connect with your most important contacts, we want to provide the best messaging experience possible. So, we’re taking your feedback and we’re trying to knock it out of the park by bringing new features and improvements to BBM on a regular basis,” Jeff Gadway also said. BBM has seen a nice range of enhancements over the past several months, including some that are meant to provide owners of Android and iOS devices with a better experience than before.

Moving forth, the Canadian vendor is also planning the release of its messaging application on Windows Phone smartphones, as well as on Nokia X devices. However, these are only some of the changes that users will see in the not too distant future, as the company is also working on ensuring that more features and capabilities are available for them as well. In fact, only last week, BlackBerry also announced that stickers would be coming to BBM via the BBM shop, while unveiling eBBM Suite and BBM Protected earlier this week.

BBM with photo sharing in multi person chats
Image credits to BlackBerry

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