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Jan 12, 2014

Samsung GT-I9405 Device Spotted in India

Samsung Electronics has some more yet unannounced smartphones up its sleeve, and a new one has made an appearance online, in the form of Samsung GT-I9405.

The new device was spotted on the website of Zauba, which tracks imports and exports in India, though no specific info on what it might be has been provided as of now. According to Samsung Updates, however, the new mobile phone might be something between the Galaxy S3 LTE (GT-I9305) and the Snapdragon flavor of the Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505).

Moreover, the phone is said to sport a 5.5-inch touchscreen display, which will bring it closer to the Galaxy Note 3 than to the aforementioned two phones. For the time being, Samsung’s R&D Center in India is the only one to have received the phone in the country, so we’re imaging that it is still in the testing phase. More info on it might emerge soon, so keep an eye on this space for updates.

Samsung GT-I9405 emerges online with 5.5-inch screen
Image credits to Samsung

Motorola DROID Ultra Employee Edition Re-Surfaces in Press Photo

Mobile phone carrier Verizon was rumored a few months ago to plan the launch of a limited edition version of the Motorola DROID Ultra smartphone, exclusive to its employees, and a press photo with the device is now available online.

The image is available courtesy of @evleaks, showing the Motorola DROID Ultra with a vertical red stripe on the center, and with red capacitive buttons as well. According to the aforementioned leak, the handset is called Verizon’s Motorola Droid Ultra Employee Edition (one can read the Limited Edition tag on its back plate), but an official confirmation on this has yet to emerge.

What remains to be seen is when exactly Verizon will release the new flavor of the mobile phone, and whether it will become available for purchase for all of the operator's customers as well. Stay tuned for more on the matter.

Verizon’s Motorola Droid Ultra Employee Edition
Image credits evleaks

Nokia Normandy Engineering Prototype Allegedly Leaks Online

Nokia Normandy, the long rumored Android-based smartphone from Nokia, is nowhere to be seen officially as of now, but leaked photos with the device continue to make it online, the latest of them coming from China.

The image was brought online by Twitter user ‏@seamissu, and is said to be showing an engineering prototype of the upcoming device, though we’ll take it with a grain of salt for the time being. The phone in this photo resembles the one that emerged in previous leaks (including its Asha-like back button), and we might consider it as being the same Nokia Normandy that enthusiasts are waiting for, although it could be any device, as MyNokiaBlog notes.

According to the latest reports on the matter, Nokia might be set to make the Normandy official as soon as the next month, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, so stay tuned to learn the news.

Allegedly leaked Nokia Normandy engineering prototype
on Twitter

Nokia Normandy, Lumia 630 and New 5.2’’ Flagship to Debut at MWC 2014

Nokia is reportedly gearing up for a big splash at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where we might see the first Android-based phone from the company made official.

The Finnish handset vendor has been rumored for a while now to be working on a device running under Google’s mobile platform, one known at the moment under the codename of Nokia Normandy, yet no official confirmation on the matter has been provided as of now. However, the smartphone did leak online before, and was even spotted in the AnTuTu Benchmark, which supposedly slightly confirmed its existence. It was also said to have been sent to India for testing a while ago. On top of that, a recent report from NokiaPowerUser claims that a second batch of Nokia Normandy devices has landed in India, as per the Zauba website.

The phone features model number RM-980, and was seen in the records of the import / export tracking website, yet Nokia is still mum on the matter. Even so, it appears that we might learn all about the new smartphone as soon as the next month, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. At the same time, rumor has it that Nokia is getting ready for the launch of a handful of new devices at the aforementioned MWC show, including a new flagship handset and a mid-range phone, along with a certain Lumia 2020 tablet PC (Nokia RX-115). The flagship smartphone reportedly features model number RM-964, while packing a 5.2-inch touchscreen display capable of delivering a full HD resolution, as well as a 20-megapixel camera on the back.

The mobile phone is also said to be powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor, and to feature an Aluminum body design, similar to that of Lumia 925. As for the Lumia 630 (and the Lumia 635 variant, for that matter), it will arrive with model number RM-977 / RM-978 / RM-976 with a 4.5-inch touchscreen display and with dual-SIM capabilities inside. We’ll take the info above with a grain of salt for the time being, since no official confirmation on any of the said handsets has been provided, but we’ll also keep an eye out for more details on them, so stay tuned.

Alleged Nokia Normandy in AnTuTu

Seagate Teases Android Tablet with 500GB HDD

We have seen a lot of interesting tablets on the grounds at CES 2014, but the next one certainly stands out a little more than the average product.

It appears that storage manufacturer Seagate is planning to jump onboard the slate bandwagon and has showed a reference design that crams under a relatively thin figure, a 500GB hard drive. The reference model is built using the company's new 5 mm / 0.19 inches hard drive and apparently, Seagate will have a new SSHD solution out too. The only problem is that the drive appears to take up most of the space under the hood, meaning there’s no place left for a decent battery.

According to Tweaktown, the tablet runs on Android’s latest OS (which means Android 4.4. KitKat) and is surprisingly light considering what’s on the inside.

Seagate shows a tablet of its own

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