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Dec 26, 2012

Windows 9 Won’t Bring Back the Start Button, to Feature an Upgraded Start Screen

Redmond insiders have previously hinted that Microsoft may launch the next Windows iteration as soon as the next summer to offer it either as free or as a very affordable upgrade.

More rumors on the matter suggest that a new version of Windows has already reached the alpha development stage, so the launch could indeed take place next year. One of the registered users of a Taiwanese forum claims he is already running Windows 9 alpha build 9622, indicating that the upcoming Windows refresh could stick to the Metro UI and the Start Screen introduced by Windows 8. Even though he calls the new Windows release “Windows 9,” the user may actually refer to Windows Blue, the first major upgrade for the new Microsoft operating system launch in October this year. Neowin.net writes that the desktop will remain the main working environment for the PC version of the new Windows version, but it’ll feature several improvements, some aimed at the Taskbar.

The Metro/Modern UI and the Start Screen will continue to be offered, which means that Microsoft doesn’t plan to reintroduce the Start button and the Start Menu in the next Windows version. Microsoft also plans to make the move to kernel version 6.3, so several other enhancements are also expected. Of course, Microsoft is yet to comment on this subject, but given the fact that we’re talking about the next Windows version, the company is very likely to remain tight-lipped for the time being. The Redmond-based technology company, however, seems to stick to the newly-introduced Start Screen that replaces the fairly popular Start Menu. The problem is that plenty of Windows 8 adopters find the Start Screen rather confusing and many have already turned to third-party software solutions designed to bring back the Start button in the new OS.

The Start Screen is one of the most controversial features of the new Windows 8
Image credits to dannzfay

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