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Sep 25, 2013

Oppo N1 Pre-Orders Kick Off Today in China

Starting today, users in China can pre-order the new Oppo N1 smartphone with a special 99 Yuan ($16 / €12) booking price attached to it.

The price tag for the new mobile phone has been set at 3,498 Yuan ($571 / €423). Users interested in being among the first to grab the device will have to pre-order it by October 10, GizChina reports. The Oppo N1 was announced earlier this week with a 5.9-inch full HD touchscreen display and with a quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor packed inside.

The handset also sports 2GB of RAM, 16GB / 32GB of internal memory, and Oppo’s Color OS (based on Android 4.2) loaded on top. A CyanogenMod-powered version of the device will also be available. The most appealing feature of the new smartphone is its 13-megapixel camera, which can rotate 206 degrees.

Oppo N1
Image credits to Oppo

Radeon R9 280X First Sight, Really a Rebranded HD 7970 GHz Edition

It might sound sad, but other than the Radeon R9 290X graphics card, Advanced Micro Devices hasn't actually made anything new for the RX collection.

Verily, we've already seen that, barring the new and interesting cooler shroud, the AMD Radeon R7-260X is just a relabeled Radeon HD 7790, albeit possibly featuring a better "Curacao" or "Bonaire XTX" chip. Now, we find out something similar about the Radeon R9 280X, that it is a rebranded Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition. Possibly with a better GPU clock.

Rather disappointing, but it fits AMD's decision to move away from the age-old Radeon HD formula. That said, Hawaii Pro and Hawaii XT GPUs will appear in October, so some better R9-series boards could make their debut then. Only non-reference designs will be available, as opposed to the 290X, which will be tightly controlled by Advanced Micro Devices.

AMD Radeon R9 280, just a rebranded HD 7970 GHz Edition
Image credits to AMD

Samsung Releases Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) First Official Firmware

It hasn’t been long since Samsung posted its Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) Edition kernel sources. Now the Korean tech giant is making the official firmware available on the KIES servers.

SamMobile claims firmware for the Wi-Fi only (SM-P600) and the Wi-Fi+3G (SM-P601) variants are included in the roll-out. Samsung seems eager enough to provide such information ahead of the official launch, and that’s a good thing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 will offer users a pretty amazing Super Clear LCD screen featuring an impressive 2560 x 1600 resolution. The Wi-Fi+3G model comes packing an Exynos 520 Octa-Core CPU, while the LTE version benefits from a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Quad-Core CPU clocked at 2.3GHz plus an Adreno 330 GPU. Both models support 3GB of RAM. Underneath it all, Samsung has slipped a Li-Po 8,200 mAH battery.

Samsung pushes out official firmware
Image credits to SamMobile

Nokia to Launch Six New Devices on October 22

Nokia World 2013 has been recently confirmed for October 22 in Abu Dhabi, but we have yet to learn what devices the Finnish company plans to announce next month.

While we have suspected that Nokia will launch the Lumia 1520 phablet and the Lumia 2520 tablet, the folks over at The Verge claim that there will be no less than six different devices unveiled at Nokia World 2013 event. According to the cited source, there will be at least two Lumia devices announced next month, along with a new range of accessories, one of them being tagged as “pretty special.”

The Verge also reports a source familiar with Nokia’s roadmap, who claims that the Finnish company plans to unveil a “large range” of form factors and devices. Obviously, most of them are expected to be powered by a Windows Phone platform. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

Nokia World 2013 ad
Image credits to Nokia

Leaked Picture Showcases Super Slim Upcoming Lenovo Ultrabook

The race for the thinnest Ultrabook possible is on, as companies race to produce designs that are similar to tablets in terms of bulk.

According to a new picture leaked by Weibo.com, Lenovo already has a prototype that can compete with the sleekest of slates. The device is probably still in its experimental stage, but the photo showcases its thickness being measured and the results are pretty amazing, it’s apparently just 9.77 mm / 0.38 inches thin.

Sources familiar with the matter also add that the elusive ultrabook will also feature a 13.3-inch screen that will come with a whopping resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels. The Ultrabook amazes even in terms of weight, which is said to be just 999 g / 2.2 lbs. The device will be made of carbon reinforced polymer. We’ll certainly keep an eye for it.

Lenovo could be working on a super slim Ultrabook
Image credits to Weibo

Intel Gladden CPU Released

Clearly, Intel is not sitting idle. Even though it doesn't seem to have prepared much in the way of a counter to AMD's impending Hawaii announcement, it is definitely keeping up the stream of new CPU releases, having launched the Gladden line.

Intel actually seems to bring a new CPU or two – or three or a dozen – every other week. The ones consumers get their hands on don't appear so frequently (Intel always makes a fuss about them when they do), but that doesn't make the other any less relevant. For that matter, the previous generation of CPUs hasn't lost relevance yet either. Sure, Haswell is all everyone thinks about these days when saying Intel, but Ivy Bridge still has a role to play. Case in point, the corporation has unleashed a Pentium CPU, a Core i3 unit and two Xeon E3 v2 processors. Together, they compose the Crystal Forest Gladden Platform. Gladden, in a nutshell, is the mobile Ivy Bridge core without the integrated graphics processor (iGP), but retaining Hyper-Threading, Virtualization, SSE4 and AES instructions, DMI 2.0 (to interface with Cave Creek / 89xx series chipset) and PCI Express 3.0 support.

The weakest chip in the lot is, unsurprisingly, the Pentium B925C, with 2 cores, 4 threads, 2GHz frequency, 4 MB L3 cache memory, 15W TDP, and DDR3-1333 MHz memory controller. Its price is unknown. Next comes the Core i3-3115C, also a dual-core with 4 threads, 4 MB cache and DDR3-1333 memory, but 2.5 GHz clock and 25W TDP. Its price is $241 / €179. The Xeon E3-1105C v2 is the third, a quad-core with 8 threads, 1.8 GHz clock, 8 MB cache and DDR3-1600 MHz. It manages to survive on just 25W as well, and has a price of $320 / €237. Lastly, the Xeon E3-1125C v2 is almost identical to the E3-1105C v2, but has 2.5 GHz clock and a TDP of 40W. Its price is $448 / €331.

Intel Ivy Bridge Gladden CPUs released
Image credits to Intel

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