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Sep 21, 2011

New Windows Phone Resources for Symbian Developers

Microsoft and Nokia have just made a new step towards helping Symbian developers bring their applications to the Windows Phone platform, with the release of a white paper to explain what they need to know about moving from Symbian Qt to WP, and the addition of this development platform to the Windows Phone API mapping tool. 

The release of these resources will be accompanied by a series of developer events, the first of which kicks off today in Paris, part of the “Nokia Windows Phone Training” roadshow.

All these are aimed at Symbian developers who would like to come up with applications for the Windows Phone platform, and were released as a result of the Microsoft & Nokia agreement signed in early 2011 that will bring Microsoft's OS to Nokia's devices. 

Both Microsoft and Nokia stated before that they planned on offering Symbian developers the possibility to easily come up with applications for Windows Phone, and the package they released today is a proof of that commitment. 

The “Windows Phone Guide for Symbian Qt Application Developers” white paper, 100 pages long, was made available for developers in different formats (HTML, DOCX & PDF).

Structured in a number of 8 chapters, the white paper is aimed at all developers who came up with software for the Symbian^3, Symbian Anna, or Symbian Belle platforms, and can be downloaded from here. Developers will also be able to access a full list of samples and source code from Nokia.

“The addition of Symbian Qt to the Windows Phone API mapping tool is another perk we wanted to deliver in order to speed up the learning curve to Windows Phone,” Jean-Christophe Cimetiere, sr. technical evangelist, Microsoft, notes in a blog post

“For this first iteration of the mapping, we’ve focused on the core libraries for Qt 4.7 for Symbian (QtCore, QtGui, QtLocation, QtNetwork, QtSensors, QtSql, QtXml, QtWebKit, QML Elements, QML Components).”

And there is also the “Nokia Windows Phone Training” roadshow, which kicks off in Paris today, and which will continue with events in Milan, Italy (Sept 26), Madrid, Spain (Sept 29), Berlin, Germany (Oct 4) , London, United Kingdom (Oct 10) and Silicon Valley, USA (date & details soon). 

Microsoft also plans to hold similar events in Australia: Sydney (Sept 24-25[sold out], Oct 8-9), Melbourne (Oct 8-9[sold out, wait list]) and Brisbane (Oct 8-9). 

Soon, the first Nokia devices running under Windows Phone will arrive on shelves, and developers who published applications for the company's Symbian handsets will continue to support the vendor by moving to Windows Phone.


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