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Sep 25, 2011

Verizon's HTC Trophy Spotted with Mango, to Taste It Next Week

Mobile phone carrier Verizon Wireless is expected to start the delivery of the new Windows Phone Mango software update for its HTC Trophy customers as soon as next week, some of the latest reports on the matter suggest. 

The wireless services provider is reportedly gearing up for the deployment of Mango starting with September 27th, the same day that AT&T will begin the move. 

Apparently, a company's representative has already confirmed that, and the mobile phone itself was already spotted into the wild with the new OS flavor on board. 

A WPCentral reader talked to a Verizon rep about the Trophy, and learned that the software update might be released on the same day as it will arrive at AT&T, it seems. 

When asked whether the update will be launched at Verizon simultaneously with its arrival at other carriers in the country, the representative said yes, though it’s uncertain whether he/she was trying to sell the smartphone or was indeed confirming the availability of this software update.

However, the fact that the HTC Trophy - which is currently the only Windows Phone device available for purchase on Verizon's network - was already spotted into the wild with Mango seems to be an indicator of the fact that the info is accurate. 

A customer entering a Verizon store noticed that the Trophy unit being displayed in at that location was running under Windows Phone Mango build 7720.68, and provided a photo with it (via WPCentral). 

This shows that the wireless carrier already has units with the new operating system flavor installed on them, and that the update should become available for all users in the very near future. 

Microsoft already confirmed that the software update will be released in a week or two, and it seems that US carriers will indeed begin its delivery as soon as next week, which might imply that others will do the same. 

In other words, just as Vodafone Romania confirmed, the roll-out of Mango should begin before the end of September.


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