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Oct 24, 2011

FastRa1n 5.0 Promoted as 'Untethered' iOS 5 Jailbreak

FastUnlockiPhone.com, a company that markets and sells alleged iOS jailbreak and unlock solutions, is at it again with a new announcement that their FastRa1n 5.0 can provide an ‘untethered’ jailbreak for those who are rocking the latest iOS from Apple.

There is some reason to regard FastUnlockiPhones offerings with an ounce of skepticism.

First of all, proven jailbreak and unlock solutions are always free. Whether it’s the iPhone Dev Team that developed them, or the code savvy people at Chronic Dev, the tools are NEVER commercialware.

FastUnlockiPhone, on the other hand, sells its jailbreak solution. FastRa1n is also potentially nothing more than a repackaged version of one of the aforementioned free tools.

I reported on their business (and many others’) in the past with the same level of skepticism. One commenter (whose story I cannot vow for, of course), said:

“You are correct. In addition this will NOT jailbreak iOS5, it only works in iOS 4.3.3. I have opened a case with PayPal. I suggest everone [sic] else does the same. The are using PayPal to SCAM people.”

Now, I’m not saying steer clear of FastRa1n, since I haven’t tried it myself. All I’m suggesting is to exercise caution. There have been reports in the past that similar companies, that advertised similar products, were conducting scams.

Coincidentally (or not), a new package appeared in Cydia yesterday called “SemiTether.”

You download it on your already jailbroken device, install it, and it lets you reboot your iPhone without having to hook it up to a computer.

And need I mention that jaikbreaking itself is not the most appreciated of practices at Apple?

If you get an iPhone, jailbreak it, mess something up and take it back to Apple to fix under warranty, chances are you might get turned down if their tech guys find ‘traces’ of a jailbreak on your device.

Simply put jailbreaking is not recommended, let alone using questionable software to get there.


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