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Oct 21, 2011

Intel 520-Series Cherryville SSDs to Include SandForce Controller - Report

With the launch of the high-performance Cherryville series of solid state drives Intel will continue the tradition started with its the 510-series SSDs and will use a third-party controller which will be built by SandForce, according to a report that just hit the Web.

The first rumors regarding Intel's plans to utilize SandForce controllers in their SSDs appeared quite some time ago, and recently SweClockers claimed that it has seen a document that confirms these reports.

According to the Swedish website, the controller used by Intel for its 520-series solid state drives is similar to the one included in Corsair's or OCZ's SSDs.

In this report is indeed true, than Cherryville SSDs should be able to reach sequential read and write transfer rates in excess of 500MB/s, while the 4K random access performance should be rated at 85,000 IOPS.

This last number is quite a departure from the 40,000 IOPS detailed by previous reports which covered Intel's 520-series drives.

This performance increase however isn't without its flaws, as drives powered by second generation SandForce controllers had all sort of reliability problems that caused random BSODs or other issues.

Solid state drive makers have resolved these bugs with various degrees of success thanks to a steady stream of firmware updates, but so far no one was able to fully resolve the issues. 

Intel designed the Cherryvile SSDs to spread the series in capacities when compared to the previous 510 Elm Crest drives, so the maximum capacity to be reached now is set at 480GB compared to the previous 250GB.

Furthermore, the Cherryville line of solid state drives will also witness the introduction of a lower 60GB model, which should be a great option for user seeking a fast boot drive for their system. 

Intel's 520-series of SSDs is expected to reach retail until the end of this year, but pricing is yet unknown.


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