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Oct 3, 2011

Intel Core i3-2332M Upgradeable Processor Spotted

Earlier this year, Intel introduced a new series of processors based on the Sandy Bridge architecture featuring an upgradeable design, and now this lineup has received the addition of a new CPU dubbed the Core i3-2332M.

This new part features the same specs as the current Core i3-2330M, which means that it packs dual processing cores with a base frequency of 2.2GHz, Intel HD 3000 graphics and 3MB of Level 3 cache memory.

However, compared to the i3-2330M, this processor can be unlocked into a more powerful CPU by purchasing a special upgrade card from the Santa Clara-based chip giant.

After the update, the processor will be identified as the Core i3-2394M and will carry 4MB of Level 3 cache, while its base clock speed will be set at 2.6GHz.

The rest of the processors specifications, including SSE4 and Intel 64 instructions support, VT-x virtualization support, and the DDR3-1333 dual-channel memory controller, will be left unaltered by this update. The TDP of the processor is set at the usual 35W.

In addition of spotting this new upgradeable processor, the CPU-World publication also uncovered the upgraded specs of the other chips to be released in this series, including those of the Pentium G632 introduced in early September.

When upgraded, this CPU carries the G694 designation and operates at 3.3 GHz, 600MHz higher than its default clock speed.

No information regarding the price of this processor is available at this time, but most probably this will be confined to the OEM space.

Intel launched its first upgradeable processor a little bit more than a year ago and this was known as the Pentium G6951. Its presence was limited to a small number of systems such as the Gateway SX2841, and users had the option of unlocking Hyper-Threading support as well as some of the disabled Level 3 cache memory.


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