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Oct 4, 2011

iOS 5 Available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad Today (Update)

Apple will use today’s event not only to announce new iPhone hardware, but also to launch iCloud and iOS 5, in accordance with the company’s June announcement that both products would be launched this fall.

While the new iPhone thing isn’t a certainty (at least the exact model, anyway) for today’s festivities, Apple should use today’s event to roll out iCloud and the iOS 5 IPSW to the masses, as promised during WWDC 2011.

Not surprisingly, Apple’s Support / Downloads section is acting up, either because many are accessing it anxiously to see if the company is listing anything new (not that you could actually make the download there), or because Apple's own technicians are tripping on some back-end wires trying to accommodate the anticipated influx of downloads.

Compatible devices start at iPhone 3GS and end with the iPad 2. Stick around for our coverage of Apple’s iPhone event (just a few hours away).

Update: Looks like Apple is delaying the iOS 5 release 'till next week.


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