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Oct 9, 2011

RIM's QNX-Based OS to Be Called BBX

A new interesting rumor regarding Research In Motion's plans of the future has just emerged, suggesting that the company might be set to call its upcoming QNX-based operating system BBX. 

For those out of the loop, we should note that the Canadian mobile phone maker has already announced plans to move away for the current BlackBerry OS, and to adopt a platform that will be based on the QNX software, which is already powering the BlackBerry PlayBook. 

The new mobile operating system should be loaded on new, more powerful smartphones, but RIM did not offer specific info on what these devices are all about until now.

However, a recently leaked slide from a QNX event shows that the name under which the new mobile platform could be unveiled to the world might be BBX, CrackBerry reports.

Nothing is confirmed on the matter for the time being, but it might not come too much as a surprise if things were indeed this way. 

However, the one thing that is uncertain at the moment is what the X in BBX would stand for. After all, the BB part is already familiar to users. 

As stated above, there are no too many details available on the devices that will come with the new OS version on board, although some of the previous rumors on the matter suggested that the first such handset might be called BlackBerry Colt. 

The handset might pack a dual-core application processor inside, the same as other QNX-based handsets from the company would. 

Apparently, the platform is resources hungry, and the handset vendor had to consider dual-core designs so as to make sure that users will benefit from a great mobile experience.

RIM is certainly in need of a solution that will help it increase sales and gain more ground in its battle against the Apple iOS, Google's Android and now Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system.


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