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Oct 27, 2011

Try Out the New Nokia City Scene for Nokia N9

Nokia N9, the first and only MeeGo-based smartphone from Nokia, comes to the market with a great design, and should be able to offer an appealing experience to its users courtesy of the various applications that developers have already built for it. 

Among them, we can also count software that comes from Nokia themselves, including the new Nokia City Scene, which was just made available from the Nokia Research Center.

With the new app, users will find it easy to explore the city through the small smartphone in their hands.

They can click on buildings to learn more on the stores and services available in them, and can also perform searches to find what they are looking for much easier that before.

“We combine Navteq drive imagery, 3D building models as well as terrain data, and used laser rangefinder data (LiDAR) to align everything,” Tuomas from the Nokia City Scene team notes in a recent blog post.

“The result is an N9 application that allows you to search and explore point of interest data from Nokia databases spiced up with check-in data from Foursquare and Facebook.”

Users can enjoy panoramic views of the places they are looking for, and will also be provided with panoramic street scenes. Buildings are clickable, and info can also be found directly on the building facade.

Basically, users will enjoy a 3D visual environment through the new Nokia City Scene for Nokia N9, which should feel more natural when compared to the conventional manner of displaying things on smartphones.

Moreover, the app comes with social networking capabilities: “Connect to your social networks to find friends' check-ins or share locations. Now featuring about a dozen US cities with coverage expanding both in the US and to Europe,” Nokia Beta Labs explains.

“The application lists your friends' Foursquare and Facebook check-ins so you can jump to where they've been. You can also share 'postcards' of locations complete with street address (maybe suggesting a place to meet for coffee later).”

At the moment, the app offers support only for a small number of cities in the U.S., but the number should grow in the near future. Some more info on the new mobile software is available in the video embedded below.

You can download the new Nokia City Scene for Nokia N9 via this link.


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