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Oct 30, 2011

Windows Phone Marketplace and Games on Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia's new Lumia handsets will arrive on the market with all of the features and capabilities that other Windows Phones out there enjoy, including access to the Windows Phone Marketplace for downloading and installing applications and games. 

In the video embedded above, you can have a look at what the Marketplace on Nokia Lumia 800 is all about, and you can also get through a rundown of some gaming features that this handset has been packed with.

Clearly, modern smartphones are as appealing as the applications and other content available for them is, and this is exactly what Nokia wants to show in the said video. Here's how they describe it:

What's a smartphone without an app or two? Marketplace is the place you'll find the best smartphone apps, games and more on the Nokia Lumia 800

And with Xbox Live available out-of-the-box, you'll have access to endless hours of fun. Great if you find yourself need of a little light entertainment on the move.


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