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Nov 5, 2011

HTC Rezound Rooted Before Even Going Official

Yesterday, Verizon Wireless announced the release of a new Android-powered mobile phone on its airwaves, namely the HTC Rezound, a device that will offer root access to its users right from day one. 

Apparently, enthusiasts found out that the handset can be easily rooted using the same one-click method that is available for the HTC Amaze smartphone, which was made available before Verizon's new phone was formally introduced.

The method will be tested only when the handset lands in users' hands on November 14th, but it is expected to prove viable, the guys over at AndroidSPIN note.

HTC Rezound already is a very appealing smartphone, and the fact that it can be rooted right from the start should prove great news at least for some users out there.

Those who would like to learn some more info on the root process for the HTC Amaze should have a look at this thread on XDA-Developers.


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