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Nov 8, 2011

Hyper 412S Is Cooler Master's New Cooler for LGA 2011 Intel CPUs and Cooler Master Gives Free Upgrade to Owners of Hyper 212 EVO/Plus

Hyper 412S Is Cooler Master's New Cooler for LGA 2011 Intel CPUs

The Sandy Bridge-E Series of central processing units is about to make its debut so Cooler Master decided to release yet another cooler that supports them.

The new product that Cooler Master reportedly put together is just the latest addition to the Hyper Series.

While not exactly the biggest item that Cooler Master created, it is, nonetheless, fairly bulky itself, at 609 grams in weight.

Measuring 132 x 99 x 160 mm (5.19 x 3.89 x 6.29 inches), it uses the Continuous Direct Contact technology, a patented invention on Gigabyte's part.

Essentially, a so-called 'virtual' vapor chamber is created through this technology.

That should not be taken literally, of course, since what really happens is that the heatpipes, in this case four 6mm ones, are tightly packed on the CPU cooler base, dissipating heat, to some extent, as well as a vapor chamber from liquid cooling products.

With that to make the CPU manageable, the heatpipes lead the heat to the fin array, after which a 120mm Long Sleeve Bearing fan disperses whatever is left of it.

Speaking of the fan, it can work with a low-noise adapter (spins at 900 rotations per minute in that instance) or at full speed (1,300 RPM).

In that order, the cooler produces 16.1 dBA and 22.5 dBA of noise, which is quite a low level, all things considered.

The appeal of the Cooler Master Hyper 412S even further heightens when the price is factored in (35 Euro, or 48.16 dollars).

LGA 2011, 1155, 1366, 1156 and 775 chips from Intel are supported, as well as AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+ and FMI central processing units from Advanced Micro Devices.

Not everyone need lunge at this newcomer, though, since Cooler Master has other things to offer, and this extends to things besides other coolers.

Owners of Hyper 212 EVO/Plus, for instance, can get a free upgrade to their product, enabling LGA 2011 support (read following news to learn more).

Cooler Master Gives Free Upgrade to Owners of Hyper 212 EVO/Plus

Since the Sandy Bridge-E series of LGA 2011 CPUs is almost upon us, Cooler Master decided to grant a boon to owners of its Hyper 212 EVO/Plus coolers. 

Though the product already supports a variety of CPUs, it does not, by default, have the necessary parts to be affixed on top of the upcoming Intel CPU series.

Fortunately, instead of hoping that this would prompt people to buy a different model, like the Hyper 412, the company is lending its customers a free hand.

Anyone who owns a Hyper 212 EVO or Plus cooler, and can prove it (with a heatsink serial number), will get a free upgrade that will enable support for LGA 2011 chips.

That is, provided people actually have one of the chips or a supporting platform (Cooler Master will need either an invoice or a picture of the LGA 2011 motherboard or chip).


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