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Nov 13, 2011

RIM Releases Updated BBM Music Application

Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion announced the release of a new application and service for its BlackBerry users only a few days ago, namely BBM Music, and the company has already released the first update for the mobile client. 

Unfortunately, RIM did not offer specific info on what was updated in the new application release, but some users suggest that the new flavor of the software does not deliver the “region not supported” error message anymore.

The new application iteration, namely BBM Music, is available for download via the BlackBerry App World here, and is available for all devices that run under the BlackBerry OS 5.0.0 or newer.

For those out of the loop, we should note that BBM Music, the service that RIM unveiled to the world back in August, is meant to provide users with access to millions of songs that can be downloaded on devices for a monthly fee.

When creating a BBM Music profile, users are offered access to 50 free songs, which can be shared with other friends that use the service.

Some of the main features that the service comes with include:

  • Create your music profile from a catalogue of millions of songs and keep it fresh by swapping songs every month
  • Make friends and listen to their music selections
  • Play single songs or entire playlists created by friends. Listen to a giant playlist that includes all tracks from all your friends
  • Create playlists that are all your own – using songs from all your friends’ profiles
  • Post comments about your friends’ music and chat with them about music in real-time
  • Discover what your friends are doing by watching the timeline - friends adding friends, new songs, playlists, comments
  • Listen offline, while not connected to the wireless network (listen on subway, airplane, cottage, etc.)
The application is available for free, though he service isn't. However, users will be offered with a limited free trial, RIM announced.


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