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Feb 21, 2012

BlackBerry Bridge Now Available for Download

Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion has just made available for download a new flavor of their BlackBerry Bridge application for the BlackBerry smartphones. 

Through this application, users can easily pair their BlackBerry smartphones with a BlackBerry Playbook so that they can enjoy an expanded set of features on both devices. 

Through BlackBerry Bridge, the BlackBerry smartphones can be used as a remote keyboard for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Users can also use the phone to control the tablet PC. 

Moreover, the app enables them to easily browse the Internet on the tablet PC using the BlackBerry smartphone’s network connection (as long as the wireless carrier allows it). 

At the same time, the BlackBerry Bridge application provides users with access to email, calendar, contacts, memopad, tasks and BBM straight on the largest screen of the tablet PC. 

The release notes for the new flavor of the application include:

  • Use your smartphone’s keyboard, trackpad and touchscreen to remotely control your Playbook tablet
  • Open attachments, files and Browser URLs directly on your PlayBook tablet from your BlackBerry smartphone’s menu
  • Copy/Paste from anywhere in BlackBerry Bridge PlayBook apps
  • Use Device Properties menu to turn on and off BlackBerry Bridge email, calendar, and address book accounts
  • Improved stability with multiple pairing and connectivity bug fixes
  • Various UX improvements

On the application’s page in the BlackBerry App World, RIM notes that the Bridge Remote Control feature requires BlackBerry Tablet OS v2.0 to be installed on the tablet PC.

The new 2.0 platform version was long rumored to be on its way to devices starting today, and the fact that RIM already updated the BlackBerry Bridge to support it shows that the release is indeed close. 

The latest flavor of Bridge comes with support for all BlackBerry devices running under Smartphone OS 5.0.0 or higher. The app is available for free and weighs in at 3235 KB.


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