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Apr 5, 2012

Intel Haswell-EX CPUs Will Introduce DDR4 Support

As if the feats Intel has achieved so far weren't enough, people are looking into what the company has planned for the future, like two years from now. 

What VR-Zone most recently uncovered is something that will make the day of people who love high memory speeds. 

Basically, the Haswell-EX family of central processing units, bound for 2014 release, will become the first CPUs to support DDR4 RAM. 

Alas, consumers may find it hard to get one of them, since they are aimed at enterprise applications (they have 16 cores, which will make four-socket motherboards something to behold). 

Meanwhile, the client Haswell processors will stick to a DDR3 memory controller. 

People shouldn't despair though. After all, DDR3 is already capable of great feats. The 3,000 MHz mark was broken on four-module kits just a short time ago after all.


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