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Jul 11, 2012

iPhone 5 Already Up for Pre-Order in China

Chinese retailer Sohu has put up banners featuring a big iPod touch picture, a smaller picture of an iPhone “teardrop” concept, and the option to pre-order your own iPhone 5 before Apple could even get on the horn to tell them it’s coming.

That’s right, the ever quick-to-capitalize China has done it again. Since it had no actual device to copy off the design and some key features for a quick replica, retailer Sohu decided there was still some cash to be squeezed from the hype surrounding Apple’s upcoming smartphone. The demand for Apple products in China is, indeed, skyrocketing. The Cupertino giant is ever more present in the country, and just yesterday they released the new iPad with Retina display there. All signs of good business in the months to come. Apple is widely expected to unveil its sixth-generation iPhone, or the iPhone 5, during a special event reportedly scheduled for fall.

Some analysts believe there’s also an iPad mini in the cards for this event, and one analyst in particular predicts there will be a fourth Apple TV refresh as well, in what would spell an event overcrowded with announcements. If recent hardware leaks are any indication, the next-generation iPhone from Apple will boast a Retina display with a bit more real estate (4 inches on the diagonal), a unibody chassis carved from aluminum (no indication of Liquidmetal use so far), a new (smaller) dock connector, larger speaker grills, and an overall new design featuring both matte and sleek surfaces, particularly on the back. Some rumors say Apple might try to sell its first batch of multi-colored iPhones this year (much like the iPod line). Below is a video featuring iPhone 5 renderings based on leaked parts.

iPhone 5 pre-order banner in China
Image credits to digi.it.sohu.com


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