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Jul 29, 2012

Windows Phone-Based Nokia Phi, Nokia Dogphone, Nokia Lumia 908 Emerge Again

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia is reportedly gearing up for the release of Windows Phone 8 devices, but no specific info on what these handsets would be all about has emerged so far.

Of course, we already saw a wide range of rumors regarding the company’s plans for the new platform, including info on a possible double launch in early September, but nothing has been officially confirmed on the matter for the time being. However, it appears that some Nokia devices, believed to be en-route to the market with the Windows Phone 8 platform on board, keep making appearances online. Among them, there are the Nokia Phi, Nokia Dogphone, and Nokia Lumia 908, all three spotted once again at Occasional gamer.

These are not the only Nokia models that can be seen on the aforementioned website, as models such as Nokia P4301, Nokia P5198, NOKIA 0000, Nokia Fluid, and NOKIA SGH-i917R are also listed there. Apparently, all these are devices on which games have been loaded and tested, and they might point at upcoming smartphones. But such lists can be easily counterfeited, and we’ll have to take the info with a grain of salt, that’s for sure. On the other hand, since some of these devices keep on appearing on game stats, chances are that they would finally prove to be real, although no official confirmation on their existence has emerged so far. Among them, we can count the Nokia Dogphone, which could be nothing more than a testing device, as its name suggests.

There is also a Nokia Lumia 908, which could indeed be one of the devices that Nokia plans to make commercially available with the next platform release on board. After all, the name falls in line with the rumored Lumia 910 and Lumia 920 smartphones. Additionally, there is the Nokia Phi handset, which has been spotted online before in the benchmarking application WPBench, and which could also prove a real device. Rumor has it that Nokia might unveil two Windows Phone 8 smartphones (or a MeeGo and a Windows Phone 8 device, according to recent reports) as soon as September 5th – 7th. The handset vendor is expected to be the first to begin the new platform release to shelves this fall.

Nokia Lumia 900
Image credits to Nokia


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