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Aug 2, 2012

ARM Dual-Core RockChip Processor Surprisingly Beats Tegra, Snapdragon and Exynos

Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Company (or just Rockchip) is a known ARM developer in mainland China that designs and manufactures microprocessors for numerous affordable tablets and other entertainment electronics.

The tablet world was taken by storm today once news broke about the performance displayed by RockChip’s new processor. The new design completely obliterates the competition in Rightware's popular PowerBoard list. There are three different devices using the chip that were tested and all three ended up holding the first three positions on the list. The new chip is called RK3066 and it’s a “last year” ARM Cortex A9 design.

Some might accept the idea that this chip might be able to compete with Tegra2 chips or other older dual-core processors using the same architecture, but nobody expected this one to beat 28nm Cortex A15 processors from Qualcomm. The feat is very impressive indeed, as the RK3066 is built in TSMC’s “old” 40nm manufacturing technology. This means that we should expect some impressive affordable tablets from Archos or Energy Systems later this year.

Rightware Benchmark result shows ARM, Tegra, Snapdragon and Exynos comparison
Image credits to Rightware


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