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Aug 6, 2012

HP Slate 8 Tablet

The first time we saw the new device was in this video from HP, back in July. The tablet seems to be targeting professionals, as we can see it held by people working in labs and corporate buildings at the 0:33 mark and by a man wearing a shirt and tie at 0:56.

These may seem unimportant, but there’s no suggestion that the tablet should be used for gaming, drawing, multimedia activities or anything similar. Today, the novel device is featured on HP’s official website in a marketing shot that depicts a doctor holding the tablet. This could be another subliminal suggestion about who the likely targeted user is. Intel-based Windows 8 tablets are capable of running all the x86 software available today and many computer makers are trying hard to get a foothold into the business/enterprise market.

The ARM-based tablets couldn’t be advertised to such markets, as they can’t use the software that’s usually required by many corporations. That’s likely x86 software running on Microsoft devices. We can’t wait to get more details on HP’s new mobile device, as all we know now is that Slate 8 is an Intel-based 10.1” tablet running Microsoft’s Windows 8 Professional operating system.

HP Alleged Slate 8 10.1" Windows 8 Professional Tablet
Image credits to HP


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