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Aug 14, 2012

Windows Phone 7.8 Features on Leaked Nokia Document

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia is gearing up for the release of Windows Phone 8 devices, something that has been rumored for the past few months.

At the same time, the company is moving forth with preparing software updates for its current series of Windows Phone devices, to provide users with the 7.8 flavor of the platform. Nothing has been officially confirmed on the matter, but Microsoft did say that the current generation of smartphones would be updated to the said Windows Phone 7.8 OS version, and Nokia is expected to deliver the update as well. Unfortunately, not all features included in Windows Phone 8 will be offered to existing devices as well, though a lot of them will be, it seems. A recently leaked document that emerged over at SmartPhone France is meant to provide some clarification on the matter, enabling us to learn more on which of the Windows Phone 8 capabilities will make it inside Windows Phone 7.8 and which won’t.

What’s yet uncertain is whether the document covers handsets that are not made by Nokia as well, so we’ll consider it good only for Lumia devices for the time being. In addition to the new user interface and access to the over 100,000 applications in the Marketplace, Windows Phone 7.8 users will also receive Smart Group Shot, along with Action Shot, Panorama and Self-timer features, all related to the handset’s camera. Moreover, existing Nokia Lumia users will also enjoy flip to silence, as well as contact share and WiFi tethering, along with the entire range of Windows Phone applications that Nokia has already released. Unfortunately, there will be some limitations that these features will arrive with on Nokia Lumia 610, at least when it comes to the camera features mentioned above.

Of course, there will also be various Windows Phone 8 features that Windows Phone 7.8 won’t get a taste of, such as OTA updates, NFC capabilities, or real multitasking. The new Wallet won’t land on Windows Phone 7.8 either, the same as secure boot and encryption, device management, company hub and IE10. And since the hardware inside handsets won’t be upgradeable, no multi-core CPUs, microSD card slots or higher resolution screens will be available either.

Nokia document shows features of WP 7.8 and WP 8
Image credits to SmartPhone France


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