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Sep 18, 2012

AMD Demos 5 GHz FX-8350 and 4 GHz Trinity at IDF

During this year’s IDF event in San Francisco, California, Intel was pretty silent about x86 computing performance and quite happy to show its new iGPU, but the company has also emphasized on other related technologies such as wireless connectivity and mobility.

The new Haswell architecture is not really impressive when it comes to x86 performance and all the improvements are expected to range somewhere below the 10% mark. On the other hand, AMD is the underdog of the x86 performance and, in an attempt to crash Intel’s party, it has called some IDF visitors to its hotel suite in the vicinity of the IDF event. The company had some impressive gaming systems on display and one of them was powered by an AMD FX-8350 processor running at 5 GHz while the other was using a 4 GHz Trinity, Hardware.fr reports.

Both systems used a water cooling solution, but these frequencies are nevertheless very impressive. The photo of the FX system was taken after the frequency was modified to 4.8 GHz, but initially the CPU was running at a full 5 GHz.

AMD IDF 2012 Demonstration
Images credits to hardware.fr


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