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Sep 7, 2012

Lumia 920 Can Shoot Professional Stills (Nokia Wants)

Lumia 920, Nokia's first Windows Phone 8 handset, features the same PureView technology that made the Symbian-based 808 a popular device among enthusiasts, and Nokia wants us to believe that it can live up to its name.

Nokia has published a video to showcase the phone's recording capabilities, yet it has been proved to be a simulated one. Nokia has already admitted to that, but it seems that there's even more to it. The still images that are being shown in the clip at a certain point were not shot with Lumia 920 either. Nokia shot these images with a DSLR camera with a smaller aperture like f/22, Youssef Sarhan notes in a blog post. Basically, the entire clip is fraudulent, he explains, and a photo showing the entire set appears to confirm that. 

Since the video is said to "simulate" the handset's imaging capabilities, Nokia appears to be suggesting that professional videos and stills can be shot with its Windows Phone 8 smartphone. Hopefully, the phone will indeed be able to deliver the promised experience, otherwise many enthusiasts will be highly disappointed with it.

The video demonstrates the benefits of optical image stabilization only and the video is not shot on a Lumia 920. For a video shot on a Lumia 920 compared to a competitor smartphone see: http://nokia.ly/TlWcXX
Video credits to Nokia


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