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Sep 5, 2012

Nokia Zeal, Mid-Range Dual-Core with Windows Phone 8 in 2013

Apart from the two Lumia handsets that Nokia is expected to unveil to the world today, with focus on the mid- and high-end of the market, we should also see other Windows Phone 8 devices coming from the company in the next several months, new reports suggest.

We already had the chance to have a look at codenamed Glory, supposedly an entry-level smartphone from the leading handset vendor, but it appears that some other similar phones are prepped for launch as well. Among them, there should be a certain Windows Phone 8 device codenamed Zeal that has just popped up on the web with a 4.3-inch touchscreen display. Supposedly only aimed at the mid-level segment of the market, the upcoming device is said to feature capabilities on par with better-rated devices available today. Thus, we should see it released on shelves with a dual-core application processor inside, albeit clocked in at only 1GHz, a recent article on The Verge notes.

Moreover, the yet unannounced smartphone should hit shelves with 512MB of RAM packed inside, as well as with 8GB of internal memory. Moreover, the Windows Phone 8 device is said to pack a microSD memory card slot, the same as the rest of Nokia’s new Lumia handsets, and to sport a Zune-like design. Similar with previous Lumia phones, the upcoming Zeal would sport a unibody design, and could also feature a nice range of connectivity options, although none has been specifically mentioned for the time being. Set to hit shelves only next year, the new mobile phone might not become official before the end of this year, rumor has it.

Nokia’s lineup of Windows Phone handsets is still small, but the company appears set to expand it as much and as soon as possible, in an attempt to regain the market share it has been constantly losing for about two years now. With new Lumia devices set to assault all segments of the market, the company might indeed be able to fulfill its goals with Windows Phone, though it remains to be seen how well its new devices will be received around the world.

Nokia Lumia 610
Image credits to Nokia


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