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Oct 7, 2012

Android 4.2 Is Already Loaded on Galaxy Nexus, New Motorola Devices

Google is getting ready to celebrate five years of Android, and the company is expected to do so with the launch of a new flavor of the operating system.

Previously believed to be Android 5.0, the new OS version has been recently discovered to be en-route to the market as Android 4.2, and some new info on the devices that it might be loaded on has started to emerge. Apparently, Google is already testing the platform on a number of devices, while getting ready to have it loaded on new Nexus smartphones. One of these has been long rumored to be coming from LG, and is currently said to be a version of the LG Optimus G that arrived on shelves only a few weeks ago.   However, it appears that Galaxy Nexus will also get a taste of the new platform release, and that Google has already loaded the platform on last year’s device. Furthermore, the first tablet PC in the Nexus series, none other than the Nexus 7, is being tested with the OS on board as well, server traffic logs from Android Police unveil.

New devices that are powered by the platform were also spotted, including a smartphone that sports the codename of Occam, and which is said to be a Motorola handset. The phone was seen accessing the website with various builds loaded on it, such as JOO92B, JOP04B and JOP04C, the same as another Motorola device, a tablet PC this time, codenamed Manta. These devices sported different IPs when accessing the site, which suggests not only that they are real, but also that Google and Motorola have various people testing them in the field.

Since these details cannot be verified at the moment, there is a chances that they won’t pan out, but the sure thing is that Android 4.2 is nearing its release. After all, it has been said a few times before to be slated for a November launch on a new Nexus phone, and it shouldn’t be too long before all the necessary info on the matter will be officially unveiled.

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Image credits to Android Developers


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