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Oct 17, 2012

ASRock Z77 Extreme11

It seems that not a month goes by without an ASRock motherboard appearing or at least being detailed in a leak of some sort. This particular occasion marks the official introduction of the company's strongest platform yet.

The name of the new motherboard, which we actually detailed a week ago, is Z77 Extreme11, and the processors supported by it are those designed with the LGA 1155 socket. The Z77 chipset is the strongest of those compatible with such CPUs, otherwise known as third-generation Core-Series Ivy Bridge. The special logo of the Extreme line is plainly visible on the cooling system installed on the product, particularly around the CPU socket. We could start listing all the specs of the mainboard, but ASRock did a good job of that here and it bears speaking more about the unusual perks than the standard features. One thing that customers won't find on many other motherboards is the design with premium gold caps. Just the use of that metal, for stability and endurance's sake, makes sure that the price of the product is unassailable by most.

The press release didn't actually include the pricing information unfortunately, but we digress. Another unusual set of technologies is present so that all customers find using the PC easy and fun: ASRock XFast 555, Fast Boot, Restart to UEFI, Dehumidifier, OMG, Interactive UEFI BIOS (BIOS with a graphical user interface, for comprehensive motherboard settings modifications and overclocking). The company also chose to integrate the Intel Smart Connect, Intel Rapid Start (SSD caching) and Lucid Virtu Universal MVP technology (makes sure the PC knows when and how to use the abilities of the integrated GPU or the add-in card, when available).

ASRock will sell the Z77 Extreme11 motherboard soon, if it hasn't already started. Retailers should expose its price soon enough. The previous report said it would be $400-500 / 400-500 Euro, but it has not yet been confirmed.

ASRock Z77 Extreme11
Images credits to ASRock


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