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Oct 30, 2012

Crucial DDR3L 8GB and 16 GB Server RAM

While desktop memory modules do not come in 16 GB capacities yet, server modules do, even in low-voltage configuration.

Crucial's new DDR3L registered DIMMs are the latest evidence to that effect. Created specifically for Intel's Xeon-based servers, as part of the Intel Demo Depot Program, the modules offer 8 GB to 16 GB capacities. So far, Intel Demo Depot Program consists of more than 200 servers. Essentially, it is an initiative that lets prospective Xeon server buyers loan a server for testing before they actually buy it.

Crucial, being a sub-division of Micron, submits its modules to Micron's Systems Compatibility Group qualification, validation, and testing procedures. In layman terms, Intel is lending servers to possible buyers and Crucial is using the chance as an opportunity to advertise its random access memory.

Crucial DDR3L DIMM modules
Image credits to Crucial


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