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Oct 31, 2012

Galaxy Nexus Gets Unofficial Android 4.2 Camera and Gallery

On Monday, Google made official its latest flavor of Android, with various enhancements packed inside, including new camera and gallery app.

Today, the software is available for Galaxy Nexus, the Android 4.1.2-powered Google phone that was made official last year. This is not an official release for the device, but some enthusiasts have already managed to port the new camera software to the older handset, so that users can already take advantage of the Photo Sphere feature packed inside it.

However, it seems that the port is not fully operational, and that some issues might still emerge when loading the new camera app on a Galaxy Nexus. Those who would like to give it a try should know that it does require tweaking the device. Some additional info on the matter is available through the Android Central Forums.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Image credits to Google


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